Shopping online is so last season

Get ready for the latest surprise brought to you by none other than the health and beauty innovator FOREO. 

Grabbing your beauty tech devices in stores, or ordering them via online web shops, is great… but what if getting your hands on the latest beauty tech just got easier? Introducing the latest feature to become part of the FOREO For You app: THE APP SHOP.


Shop Til You Drop

The app shop will be divided into 6 homepage categories: Bestsellers, Special deals, LUNA’s, UFO’s, ISSA’s, and Special Treatments. This is done in hopes of making it way easier to find what you’re looking for on the shop. 

P.S. Definitely keep an eye on that “special deals” category; you never know when a great sale could hit… but a good guess would be this Black Friday! 


When Does It Drop?

Girl smiling at her phone outside on picnic blanket

The person in the picture above is totally you! Or at least it will be… when you find out that the FOREO For You in-app shop is already out. That’s right, the new feature was added to the app on 21st of November 2019. Now get ready to hear a lot of “what are you smiling about?” from your friends, parents, siblings, pets, whoever. But, unless you want your inner circle to sign you up for Shopaholics anonymous, it’s probably safest to go along with it and say that you’re texting your crush.

For a lot of you the app might automatically update. However, if you still can’t find the app shop feature on the homepage tab, you might have to update the app manually via the App Store for iOS or Google Play for Android. 


I’m A FOREO App Newbie

For those of you who (for some reason) don’t have the FOREO app on their phones; there’s no time like the present. Seriously, what better way to keep track of the latest in beauty tech than with a super simple easy to use app on your phone? 

Downloading it couldn’t be easier. Simply go to the App Store for iOS (if you have an iPhone) or Google Play for Android (we’re talking to you, Samsung people). Go to the FOREO For You app, click the download button and voila. You’re all set.

Now you can finally check out those cool new Black Friday deals we were talking about before!