Choosing Your ISSA

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We’re helping you get better acquainted with these award-winning designs.

Cult Classic: ISSA

The one, the only, the original. The ISSA’s revolutionary design features soft & hygienic silicone that is perfect for people with sensitive gums or teeth.

Next Generation: ISSA Hybrid


This beauty is perfect for those who are looking for a brush that’s stronger on plaque. ISSA Hybrid combines silicone with PBT polymer bristles for a hygienic brush head that targets plaque and tartar.

Funky Fresh: ISSA  play

The newest addition to the play range, ISSA play is ideal for those who are curious about sonic oral care or are just getting started. It’s also the perfect travel companion—or gym bag staple—since there’s no need to charge.


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9 responses to “Choosing Your ISSA”

  1. Sharon says:

    My reply is a question. I have a sonic tooth brush that i can not use which did a great job cleaning my teeth. But, i have Trigeminal Neuralgia and it caused me great pain as my TN hurts in my top teeth. Your tooth brush sounds wonderful but i am reluctant to get another sonic brush as they are so expensive if it causes me pain and i can’t use it. It is so hard to brush my teeth at all because of the pain. If you were to give me one and it worked without pain, i would give you one heck of a true recommendation.

  2. Preston Leingang says:

    Please send me 2 of the newer models. 1 for my beautiful bride of over 50 years and 1 for her befuddled mate.

    How much will I owe you?


    • lane says:

      Hi there! I think that is a lovely gift for your wife and for yourself – you can order the perfect toothbrush (in your favorite color!) here.

  3. Gail Mako says:

    I can’t wait to try these things!! What a great idea!! Great Christmas present s for my daughters and everyone needs a cleaner toothbrush!! Now, Are you hiding the price on purpose??

    • lane says:

      Hiya! You can check out each toothbrush option and its price in your country right here – hope that helps!

  4. Earl McClary says:

    How do you purchase the product and how much does it cost?

  5. teresa says:

    what is the difference between issa 2 and Issa2 sensitive?
    and does 1 charge last 1 year?

    • carly says:

      Hi Teresa, The difference between the two is that the ISSA 2 Sensitive is provided with an all silicone replaceable head along with the Hybrid replaceable head to give you full control of your use of the ISSA 2. The all Silicone replaceable head is gentle on the gums whilst the T-Sonic vibrations provide effective cleaning. The Battery of the ISSA 2 bosts 365 days use once fully charged so keep flashing those pearly whites 😀

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