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Oral Care

ISSA™ Mint
ISSA™ Cool Black
ISSA™ Lavender
ISSA™ Cobalt Blue

More Than Just an Electric Toothbrush:
Your Complete Oral Care Solution

ISSA™ mini Summer Sky
ISSA™ mini Enchanted Violet
ISSA™ mini Mango Tango
ISSA™ mini Wild Strawberry
Summer Sky

Kids' Electric Toothbrush with Soft Silicone Bristles

ISSA mikro Pearl Pink
ISSA™ mikro Pearl Pink
ISSA™ mikro Bubble Blue
ISSA™ mikro Fuchsia
ISSA™ mikro Kiwi
ISSA™ mikro Sunflower Yellow
Pearl Pink

Baby Electric Toothbrush for Ages 0-4

ISSA_ Hybrid_CoolBlack_1
ISSA™ Hybrid Cool Black
ISSA™ Hybrid Mint
ISSA™ Hybrid Cobalt Blue
ISSA™ Hybrid Lavender
Cool Black

A Sonic Toothbrush with Innovative Materials for Perfect Oral Hygiene