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Colored Mascara Trend: Our Top 6 Recommendations

Colored mascara brushes isolated on black surface. From left to right: burgundy, green, brown, turquoise, golden

In the makeup world, few tools hold as much transformative and seductive power as mascara. It can instantly awaken our eyes, making us look more alert, vibrant, alive, even. But what if we told you that mascara could do more than just darken, thicken, and lengthen the lashes? Colored mascara enters the chat – the secret of many a makeup artist and beauty enthusiast. Let's explore this latest TikTok trend, from choosing the perfect hue for your eye color to bringing a list of our favorite colored mascaras.  

Latest TikTok Makeup Trend

In recent years, social media platforms like TikTok have become breeding grounds for beauty trends. Lately, TikTok was swept by makeup trends such as latte makeup, glass skin, no-makeup makeup, and the newest trend—colored mascaras. And when something is trending on your FYP, we bet it's also trending in real life. From subtle hints of color to bold, statement lashes, colored mascaras have become a huge trend, and that is in a whole range of rainbow colors. So whether you're into soft pastels, neon brights, or shimmering metallics, there's a colored mascara for everyone. https://www.tiktok.com/@shari.makeup/video/7317268705665125664?_r=1&_t=8l3VLd5PRQ0  

Colored Mascara Comeback

Colored mascaras are not new. They appeared on the beauty scene in the seventies, bloomed throughout the eighties, and made a comeback in the late nineties as a fresh and playful twist on traditional makeup looks. Lashes in vibrant blue, purple, and even daring neon shades were worn by those wanting to detach from classic makeup. Today, history repeats itself, and this trend is back once again. We invite you to take a leap (if you're more on the traditional makeup side) and experiment with colored mascara to express your personality, lift your natural eye color, and add a bit of playfulness to your makeup routine.  

Choosing the Right Shade

When selecting the perfect colored mascara, you need to consider your eye color. As with clothes and skin tone, certain shades can complement and enhance the natural beauty of your eyes, while others can create a striking contrast for a more dramatic effect. Here's a breakdown of which colors work best for different eye shades:

Green Eyes

If you're lucky enough to have the rarest eye color, you can try the opposite side of green on the color wheel - purple. Not only does it add depth to your lashes, but also creates a striking contrast that flatters the green in the eyes. Or you can play with burgundy - a great mascara color to make your green eyes pop!

Brown Eyes

Brown-eyed beauties are in luck because you have plenty of options to choose from! With your versatile eye color, you can play around with various shades to highlight your lashes. Think warm, earthy tones like bronze, which can really complement the natural warmth of brown eyes, giving them an extra glow. On the other hand, cool shades such as navy, teal, and green can make those brown eyes stand out even more.

Blue Eyes

When it comes to enhancing those beautiful blue eyes, picture this: shades of navy or indigo mascara together with an icy blue hue. These deep, rich colors aren't just your average mascara shades—they can bring out the natural vibrancy of your blue eyes. So, if you're ready to take your blue eyes to the next level, it might be time to add some of these stunning shades to your makeup collection.

Hazel Eyes

With the unique blend of green, gold, and brown tones, hazel eyes can as well pull off a wide range of colored mascaras. Warm, earthy shades like bronze, copper, or olive green can really highlight those golden tones in your eyes. But why stop there? For those days when you're feeling bold and adventurous, why not add a little bit of drama with purple mascara that's sure to turn heads?  

Our Top Picks

If you're ready to dip your toes (or lashes) into the world of colored mascara, here are some of our favorite picks: 1. We cannot talk about colored mascaras without starting with Pat McGrath—the queen of color. Pat McGrath Labs offers vibrant shades of pink, cobalt blue, and turquoise—perfect for those who crave intense color that stands out from the crowd. https://www.tiktok.com/@patmcgrathreal?referer_url=www.foreo.com%2Fmysa%2Fwp-admin%2Fpost.php%3Fpost%3D17643%26action%3Dedit&refer=embed&embed_source=121374463%2C121409638%2C121404358%2C121351166%2C121331973%2C120811592%2C120810756%3Bnull%3Bembed_masking&referer_video_id=7311841660114046251   2. The second in line is Maybelline New York Sky High mascaras. This innovative formula delivers vibrant color and bold volume without clumping or flaking. With shades ranging from electric blue and light pink to pitch black, there's a shade for every mood and occasion you want. A cool feature on their site is that you can have a virtual experience and see how each shade would look on you. You simply click on the TRY IT ON button.   https://www.tiktok.com/@lailapaul7/video/7319835625828437280?_r=1&_t=8l4qRDrHBXF   3. Classic L'Oréal Paris Voluminous Original Building Mascara comes in beautiful deep green, cobalt blue, deep violet, or deep burgundy colors, keeping the lashes soft and thick - without clumping. We are sure many of us at least once owned a classical brown or black mascara from Loreal L'Oréal Paris and fell in love with their brushes. Well, aside from the brushes we are in love with this hue of green! With one to two coats of this mascara, you are ready to draw all the attention to your beautiful eyes. A really good mascara for those just starting to experiment with colored eyelashes. A picture of green L'Oreal Paris Original Washable Bold Eye Mascara4. For those that love classic mascaras, Diorshow 24h Buildable Volume Mascara comes in beautiful, elegant dark blue. A perfect mascara to add depth and volume to blue eyes.   https://www.tiktok.com/@delsindepuy/video/7227213238444903723?q=colored%20mascara&t=1711701646083 5. For those who already tried the deep blues and greens and want to experiment with statement colors, Maybelline New York Lash Sensational Sky High Mascara comes in Pink Air color. This shade packs a punch of playfulness and boldness.   6. Kiko Milano is an expert when it comes to colors, and their mascaras are no exception. Pop Turquoise and Metallic Purple shades are beautifully luxurious colors to try, enhancing natural eye colors such as brown or hazel. For a dramatic look, pair it with an eyeshadow of the same shade.   In conclusion, colored mascara is more than just a beauty trend – it's a way to express your creativity and enhance your natural beauty. Whether you're looking to make a subtle statement or steal the spotlight, there's a colored mascara out there waiting to transform your lashes into works of art. So go ahead, jump on the mascara trend train, and don't worry about applying them - they look better when clumpy.  

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