Attention all FOREO fans! LUNA mini 3 is out and we’re calling on all of you to boost your glow from within!

To celebrate the launch of LUNA mini 3, FOREO conducted a survey for its Boost Your Glow campaign to quiz people on their social media habits and how it relates to confidence. The results showed that we’re strongly critical of not only ourselves but others as well.

Take a look at the rest of the findings below

Infographic for FOREO findings

Clearly, there are some issues that still need to be dealt with, so what did we decide to do? Well, we teamed up with comparison coach Lucy Sheridan, and with singer, presenter, and model Mollie King, in hopes to inspire our FOREO fam to Boost Their Glow, with advice from experts. We want to inspire people to feel great about themselves and others and break free from the compare and despair mindset.

Boost Your Glow And Your Confidence

It’s tough work to tackle this problem, but we feel like with LUNA mini 3 we manage to do just that. There’s something about having great skin that just makes us shine and feel like the most confident version of ourselves, which is great for keeping up a healthy self-perception!

That’s exactly what the 30-second glow boost mode on LUNA mini 3 is all about; to help people get the best glow even when they’re pressed for time so that they can walk around feeling great about themselves!

What The Experts Had To Say

Lucy Sheridan, the world’s first and only comparison coach, commented on her views of the comparison issue that we currently face as a society:

“Comparison is reaching epidemic levels (…). Never have we needed to respond with a rallying cry for individuality and personal confidence more than we do now. 61% of women comparing themselves to others is a number that can and must come down!”

She continues saying that “I’m glad to be partnering with FOREO on the launch of LUNA mini 3 and its #boostyourglow campaign to help provide advice for people (…) on how to overcome confidence issues and boost their glow from within.”

Lucy Sheridan comparison coach for boost your glow campaign

Singer and presenter Mollie King spoke up about the effects of social media nowadays, and how exactly it can negatively impact people’s self-esteem, stating how there is an increasing amount of pressure on people to strive for a sort of unattainable perfection.

“it’s time we all championed each other but also not forgetting to champion ourselves. It’s great that FOREO is shining a light on this and through their Boost Your Glow campaign (…) and giving women access to advice on how to feel more confident and better manage our experiences with social media.”

She ends saying that, “For me, the most important thing to remember is there’s no such thing as “perfection”, it’s all about embracing the skin you’re in and believing in yourself. That’s what I’m trying to do too.”

Mollie King holding LUNA mini 3

Why Is It So Important To Be Confident? 

According to Lucy Sheridan, “When someone feels confident it’s impossible not to feel that energy and to see that glow evident on their face.”, and we could not agree more! Not only do confident people exude such a magnetic presence, but their energy can even be strong enough to make people around them feel amazing. 

When asked about what she had to say about her experience with LUNA mini 3, Lucy simply said the following: 

“I run two businesses and have a vibrant life so I need a skincare routine that works around that. The LUNA Mini 3’s effortless 30 second cleanse is ideal for me and no matter where I am, or what my day brings after I use it I feel prepared, polished and ready to be me.”

Here are some tips that you can use to boost your confidence

Filter Out The Bad, Make Room for The Good

  • Follow positive and inspiring content, and steer clear of anything that feels fabricated or makes you feel negative about yourself or others. Lucy Sheridan herself even says that “Social media can be a great way to find resources and brands that can help boost our confidence”. Just remember your social media is YOUR social media, and you can pick and choose the information that feeds your soul and makes you feel good about yourself.

Friends Forever

  • A big confidence booster is if we know we can trust the people around us. Lucy Sheridan stresses the importance of having a good support system and warns what can happen when those around us aren’t encouraging: “When we are supported, encouraged and cheered on this does wonders for our confidence. Watch out for the people that criticize you but dress it up as ‘banter’, or that make you feel not good enough. This can chip away at our confidence and make us feel small and insignificant”. 

You, Me, & Everybody Else

  • Remember that pimples, blackheads and the like are totally normal and just a part of being human. However, there are always things you can do to help minimize the appearance of these little pesky pop-ups. Investing in your skincare routine, and getting advice from a professional skincare expert, can go a long way in giving you healthy skin. 

Set Goals for Yourself and Work Towards Achieving Them

  • To achieve a fulfilling life that brings happiness and makes you feel more confident, Lucy Sheridan offers some wonderful advice: “Let the life you lead and design reflect your values and the pursuit of your own desires. Why? Because no matter what crosses your path you will feel deeply rooted on that path and grow with the experience. It would be easy to write ‘love yourself’ and that is fundamental too… choosing to live your life without comparing to others is a huge part of that”.

Stop Comparing

  • Comparing yourselves to others never makes sense, because not one person on this earth is entirely the same either physically, personality-wise, cognitively, morally, etc. Instead, celebrate what makes you different and try to live your life as true to yourself as you can possibly be.

Hopefully, these tips were helpful and you found the findings of our FOREO research interesting. Our goal was to educate people on the importance of feeling confident and to address this very real problem in our society. Instead of putting each other down, we should instead work towards actively supporting one another, and most importantly, we should work on celebrating our own individuality and uniqueness.