Behind Our
Skin Tech

LUNA mini 3's technology takes skincare to the next level.

Glow Boost Mode

No more excuses not to wash your face. LUNA mini 3’s Glow Boost mode offers a quick-press 30 second cleanse for glowing skin in seconds. Longer, softer touchpoints and improved sonic power reach deeper into your pores to remove 99.5% of oil, dirt, sebum, sweat and dead skin cells.

Exclusive to LUNA mini 3, activate Glow Boost mode by simply pressing the power button twice on your device. After your 30-second cleanse is complete, LUNA mini 3 automatically turns off by itself…but not before your face is clean, refreshed and ready to glow.

Find My LUNA

If you’re looking for your LUNA mini 3 and can’t find it…


Open the FOREO For You app.


Go to Find My LUNA.


Press the Find My LUNA button.


Listen for the buzz of your LUNA mini 3.

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T-Sonic Power

Sonic waves are sound waves. They vibrate really fast. When these waves are directed into your skin, they extend deep into your pores to gently shake loose dirt and make-up residue that washcloths and non-sonic face brushes can’t reach.

Sonic waves also increase circulation, exfoliate the skin without pulling on it and improve detoxification by stimulating your skin at the cellular level.

LUNA mini 3 sends 8,000 T-Sonic™ pulsations per minute into your pores to clean your face better than pretty much anything else on the planet. The ‘T’ stands for transdermal, which means ‘through the skin’.

FOREO For You App

Make sure to connect your LUNA mini 3 to the FOREO For You App before using it (your LUNA won’t work until you do).

Download the FOREO For You app


Open the app and create an account.


Select LUNA mini 3 from the choice of FOREO devices.


Press the power button to connect your LUNA mini 3 to the app.


Your LUNA is now registered, unlocked and ready to use!

To adjust the T-Sonic power level of your LUNA mini 3


Go to Settings.


Select an intensity level between 1 and 12 (12 is the highest intensity).

And you’re good to go!
*To choose a new intensity level, simply repeat the process above.