When the cold winter weather arrives, it’s hard not to grab the biggest blanket in your closet, wrap it around your body, look yourself in the mirror and say – ‘Yeah, this works.’

Don’t let the frigid winter air cramp your style this year. With our round up of warm, yet chic winter essentials you’ll make the snowy streets your runway in no time.


You’re Really Warm ….Underneath it All

Many people believe that staying warm is best done from a bulky winter jacket and thick sweater, but the truth is, the layers that no one sees are usually the ones that will keep you the warmest. From heattech clothing developed by Uniqlo that has heat retaining properties, to fur-lined leggings – it’s what’s underneath that counts. Incorporate more heattech undershirts or tights into your wardrobe for an invisible layer of warmth that lets you wear what you really want on the outside.


Socks Are So Underrated

Never underestimate the power of warm, fuzzy socks. Investing in a few nice pairs of warm wool socks can make all the difference when you are trekking through the cold. Keeping your feet warm will certainly make winter that much more bearable.


Sensible, Yet Stylish Boots

Let’s face it, winter may be considered beautiful when it snows – but when it all melts or turns to ice, we still have to endure the slushy streets for months on end. While you’re heart will want to wear your favorite new suede booties, your mind will say ‘bad idea’.  Stay on trend this winter by investing in a pair of sensible, yet stylish boots that are perfect for everyday wear. For example, Dr  Martens are the cool-kid version of winter boots and are super easy to clean too!


Statement Scarves & The Art of Layering

Keeping your precious neck covered at all times when outdoors during the winter is key to ensuring comfort and warmth. Add a bit of dimension and style to your look by opting for a patterned or or oversized scarf. Another way to stay warm yet classy is to layer long sleeve shirts with leather jackets under your trench coat for a night out look.


Make Beanies Your Bae

Winter is the best time of year to sport all your favorite beanies or fuzzy hats. Not only do they keep your precious ears and head warm, they never seem to go out of style. Invest in a warm, beanie this season and you’ll be rocking any look from head to toe, literally.