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Did You Know… Smiling Helps You Get Promoted

Riddle of the day: It is contagious; it makes you look young and successful; it is free; and it is a universal sign of happiness across the world. That’s right - it’s a smile! Scroll down to find out the benefits of that magical curve line on your face.

One Smile = Many Health Benefits

A smile is much more than just a contraction of muscles in your face. It is a most powerful gesture that can change other people’s mood and life perceptions - but moreover, it has the ability to actually change your brain, increasing your oxytocin level.  A smile is not just the most beautiful accessory that never goes out of fashion, but it’s also the subject of many scientific studies. How many times have you found yourself in a situation where you see someone smiling and you just can’t help but do the same? That’s because it’s contagious, (seriously, have you ever tried to frown at someone who’s smiling at you - it’s almost impossible!). Seeing people smile stimulates your neurons and triggers a smile on your face bringing you many health benefits such as reducing anxiety, and lowering blood pressure and heart rate. FOREO ISSA 3

A Smile Will Lead You to Success

Not only will smiling improve your physical health but it will do a lot of good to your mental well-being. Confidence, self-esteem, and attractiveness are just some of the many positive consequences of this fascinating facial expression. When you smile, you appear more confident which is why you’ll have a bigger chance to be promoted and/or approached for new and exciting opportunities. According to this study, people who smile often are more likely to have a more successful career. So, there is no excuse for you to not put on a smile at your next business meeting. 


Fall in Love With Effortless, Yet Effective Brushing

When we talk about smiling, it is important to point out that a smile is a skill you should learn (or re-learn) from children. Namely, they smile about 400 times a day, whilst the average is less than 20 times per day for adults. So, feel free to spend some time with your inner child If you ever feel insecure about smiling, remember that your smile and teeth combo is unique, just like your fingerprints. And something as important and unique as a smile deserves a lot of care and attention, so you shouldn’t be lazy when it comes to oral care.  FOREO ISSA 3That’s why ISSA 3, the latest toothbrush in FOREO’s oral care revolution, combines innovation in the form of a silicone-PBT hybrid brush head plus Sonic Pulse technology, and a smart Swedish design that offers 4-in-1 complete oral care, for an effortless electric toothbrush experience that keeps your teeth healthy and your smile beautifully irresistible all day long! 
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