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FOREO's ISSA™ Toothbrush - Leading the Charge Against Plastic

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As FOREO celebrates its 10th Anniversary, we can't help but reflect on the brand's groundbreaking journey. A milestone happened with the launch of ISSA™, a game-changing innovation in oral health care. At first glance, expanding into oral health might not seem like the most obvious move for a beauty-tech brand. But FOREO knew better from day one. They recognized that true confidence can come only from the health of one's entire face.  Come along with us as we delve into the story behind FOREO's bold move into oral health and witness how their commitment to holistic well-being has revolutionized the industry and still continues to push boundaries and redefine the concept of beauty. Additionally, FOREO is famous for its attitude of not limiting itself or anyone else, hence its Swedish Beauty Routine is composed of 3 and 1/2 steps and it is not limited to the skin on your face, but also includes the health of your teeth, gums, cheeks and tongue. Imagine this: you're on a breathtaking family vacation on a stunning Croatian island called Vis. As you watch your kids brush their teeth, a suspicion creeps into your mind - are they actually washing their teeth?  To put your doubts to rest, you decide to check if the bristles are wet. Surprisingly, the kids were telling the truth, but something caught your attention. The bristles remained wet long after brushing, creating a perfect breeding ground for bacteria.  That's when inspiration happened for Filip Sedic, the Founder and Chief Innovation Officer behind FOREO. He recognized the need for a revolutionary toothbrush that would address this hygienic concern. And so, the first silicone sonic toothbrush, ISSA™, was born. By replacing traditional nylon bristles with a 35x more hygienic silicone material, Filip's invention ensures a cleaner brushing experience like no other.  Oh, and in case you're curious about the name ISSA™, it's actually derived from the ancient Greek name for the settlement on the island of Vis. Just another unique nod to the birthplace of this innovative toothbrush.  FOREO’s commitment to cutting-edge technology and user-centric design welcomed a new era of the most advanced oral care products on the market. By combining the latest scientific research with expertise in beauty and wellness, FOREO provided its customers with a toothbrush that's not just about looks, but also gets the job done. But that's not all. FOREO also has a bigger goal in mind: to make a substantial impact on the environment and contribute to the sustainability agenda. They know that every plastic toothbrush we throw away adds to the staggering 50 million pounds of waste generated each year in the United States alone. Did you know that most plastic toothbrushes break down in the ocean within just a year, releasing harmful toxins into the ecosystem? It's time to make a change. Enter silicone bristles. Unlike their nylon counterparts, silicone bristles are non-toxic and offer a planet-friendly solution. Not only does this reduce their environmental impact, but it also helps protect our beloved animals from harmful toxins. https://www.foreo.com/mysa/dental-expert-about-issa-3-youll-notice-a-difference-within-few-days/ ISSA™ only needs one replacement brush head per year versus 4-5 manual brushes, or 4-5 brush heads for normal electric nylon brushes for up to 90% reduction in waste. In addition, ISSA™ is energy efficient because it needs to be charged only twice a year, while traditional toothbrushes tend to need 24/7 charging, draining energy slowly throughout its lifecycle. So, why settle for a toothbrush that's harming the environment and our animal friends? Upgrade to a silicone bristle toothbrush and make a positive impact every time you brush. It's a small change that can make a big difference. When FOREO introduced the ISSA™ in 2014, it completely transformed the world of dental care. This award-winning design took oral hygiene technology to new heights, with advanced features and a sleek design that redefined the brushing experience. It revolutionized the way we approach our oral hygiene routine, offering unbeatable cleaning performance and a comfortable ergonomic design. Get ready to upgrade your oral care game!



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Miriam 12/07/2023

I can only recommend the Issa toothbrush. She is very qualitative and brushes my teeth perfectly


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