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Don’t Let Poor Oral Hygiene Stop You from Eating Ice Cream

Did you know that poor oral hygiene can be linked with heart disease, diabetes and cancer? Luckily, with the proper oral care, you can prevent common dental problems such as gum disease - cavities, gingivitis, and tooth sensitivity.  You should take care of your oral health not just because of aesthetic reasons. Taking care of your oral health means taking care of your overall health and well-being

Untreated cavities can cause fatal consequences

Unfortunately, most people take their healthy teeth for granted. According to the World Health Organization, tooth decay is a major public health problem globally. Namely, 2.3 billion people have a decay of permanent teeth. But, what is tooth decay or dental caries, or cavities? Cavities are permanently damaged areas in the hard surface of your teeth that develop into tiny openings or holes. This problem occurs when the acid from bacteria inside your mouth starts to eat food debris on the tooth surface. While eating food debris, acid from bacteria attacks your tooth enamel - the protective coating on your teeth.


Even though cavities are very common - among adults aged 20 and older, about 90% have had at least one cavity - untreated cavities can lead to abscesses under the gums. And the abscess can spread to any other part of the body which can cause fatal consequences. A tooth abscess can spread to the brain, sinuses, heart, or lungs through the blood vessels and it can cause coma, sinus infection, bacterial endocarditis... dental problems ISSA 3 FOREO

Painful chewing can be a symptom of a bigger problem

Did you know that 47.2% of adults aged 30 years and older have some form of periodontal disease? It is mainly the result of infections and inflammation of the gums. Also, periodontal disease is more common in men than women, especially if they are smokers. Periodontal disease - such as gingivitis and periodontitis - must be treated as soon as possible since there is a big chance you will lose your teeth. Here are the most common symptoms you shouldn’t ignore:
  • Bad breath
  • Red, swollen & sensitive gums
  • Bleeding gums
  • Painful chewing
  • Spitting out the blood while brushing
  • New spaces developing between your teeth
It is very important to recognize the symptoms of gum disease on time. Not only is painful to live with the higher stage of periodontal disease but it can also affect your overall health. Gum disease appears to increase blood pressure and may lead to hypertension. Also, bad oral health can affect your mental health too. Just imagine a situation where your gums are swollen or where you have bad breath. Then you don’t want to smile, you are sad, anxious, you can’t sleep… All of that sounds like the beginning of a very depressing life and you don’t want that.

It’s sad when you can’t eat ice cream...

Speaking of common dental ailments, it is hard not to mention tooth sensitivity, a problem that affects millions of people. What causes this discomfort also known as “dentin hypersensitivity”? First of all, tooth sensitivity may be temporary or a chronic problem. If it’s temporary, you are lucky, but if your teeth are sensitive all the time, it may be a symptom of a bigger problem. Before we get to that, let’s see what causes this uncomfortable feeling. Our teeth become sensitive when the tooth’s enamel is worn down. Some people naturally have thinner enamel, but sometimes the enamel can be worn down from rough brushing, grinding your teeth at night, or drinking too many acidic beverages. Because of that, you are experiencing tooth pain while having hot or cold drinks, and - ahh, it pains us to say it - even while eating ice cream!  If tooth sensitivity is chronic, then it can be the result of gum disease, a cracked tooth, or some other dental problem that you need to check out with your dentist.

What you can do to prevent dental problems?

You can brush your teeth - twice a day! And we have a toothbrush that will become your one and only. Featuring Sonic Pulse technology, FOREO’s ISSA 3 has been clinically proven to improve overall oral health by 140% removing 30% more plaque than a manual toothbrush.  Also, with 16 different speeds, you can choose the perfect brushing intensity for your teeth - whether it’s an extra gentle or vigorous clean you’re after. Lastly, ISSA 3 was designed to work effectively with the natural manual brushing gesture you have used your whole life - meaning there’s no need for any unnaturally harsh movements on teeth. So don’t worry, sweet tooth - you can be happy, healthy and selfie-ready while keep on smiling that sweet smile.
DISCLAIMER: Please, have in mind that the information in this post is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical/dental advice, diagnosis, or treatment. All content is for general information purposes only. If you have any dental ailments, or you suspect you have them, consult your dental expert for advice or information about diagnosis or treatment.




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Kareen 05/04/2022

I love how you made it clear that the most important thing is to be aware from early age and to take care of our teeth with gentle toothbrushes. I loved the article and I have learned a lot. Thank you

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Klaudia 15/04/2022

I've been a smoker for a long time, and I've always had issues with bleeding gums and teeth that are sensitive to hot and cold foods and drinks. Maybe it's time for me to break my old habits and start paying more attention to my dental hygiene...

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erika 19/04/2022

In reply to by Klaudia


Dear Klaudia, bleeding gums and teeth are the worst! We highly recommend you our ISSA™ toothbrushes - they will keep your pearly whites healthy and pain-free! Thank you for sharing <3

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Nur Zieha 03/10/2022

Good sharing as I love read article and info like this as it could help with my lifestyle plan. I also found a good article that share some good info about bad things eating ice cream at night. You can check it out here for more info Is It Bad to Eat Ice Cream At Night?


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