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Expose The Touch, Stop The Spread

FOREO Launches The #WatchingYouTouch TikTok Challenge In times of COVID-19 where cleanliness is the most important thing; FOREO, probably the planet’s cleanest company thanks to its revolutionary silicone cleansing brushes, just exposed the touch to stop spread and launched the global TikTok challenge #watchingyoutouch

I always feel like somebody's watching me

What started as an internal movement in the Swedish beauty powerhouse’s offices around the globe highlighting the issue; that while you might be clean… your ‘touching habits’ could make you sick, has now gone public in the form of the  #watchingyoutouch challenge.
FOREOs Global COO, Hrvoje Sarac highlights that like every company in the world, when Coronavirus came to town, measures were taken for the wellbeing of staff, but after a few days, hand washing and sanitizing was seemingly just not enough he says.
 A sneaky but smart colleague started this movement and showed me a secret filming of myself in a meeting which was rather confronting. In the space of 60 seconds, I touched my face more than 12 times and like everyone else, I had cleanliness at the forefront of my mind. When confronted we decided to see if this was only my issue and that’s when we noticed - this is widespread and we needed to address this with our teams.

#watchingyoutouch challenge

 The challenge that started internally to highlight ‘face touching amidst COVID-19’ and keep employees healthy, quickly spread and was shared via the popular video platform TikTok. Seeing the evidence for themselves, employees quickly started using the platform to confront their own family members and friends to effectively EXPOSE THE TOUCH to STOP THE SPREAD Videos started pouring in from around the business, where 2000 people operate across 42 global offices and so the internally dubbed #watchingyoutouch challenge was born.
In one example, a colleague was deep in thought and secretly filmed for 45 seconds, with the girl in the video found to have touched her face 9 times in this period. Taking this average, that totals over 700 touches an hour. Another secretly filmed video for 1 minute and 58 seconds shows a male colleague working away, touching his face and beard a total of 12 times in this period - taking his average face touching tally to approximately 360 per hour.  



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Mia 27/03/2020

Hahahaha sooo funny and so conscientious at the same time! Great way to tackle the Corona spread!


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