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7 TikTok Beauty Trends You Need to Try Right Now

Hand with manicured nails touching one of the three lemons in the water, on a pink surface

Admit it or not, many of us regularly check new beauty trends on TikTok - gone are the days when TikTok served for dance challenges and funny memes only. It has become a hub for beauty lovers to share their favorite trends and techniques, and we're loving it. From eyebrow feathering to citrus nails, there's something for everyone to explore. In this blog post, we'll check 7 hottest TikTok beauty trends that have been flooding our feeds recently.

Eyebrow Feathering

When we first heard it, it sounded much more dramatic, but eyebrow feathering is actually all about achieving a natural, fluffy brow look. Instead of the harsh lines, clean shapes, and richly pigmented brows, this technique uses a microblading pen or brow gel to create small, hair-like strokes that mimic the look of individual hairs, filling the sparse spots in your brows. TikTok users have been sharing their tips and tricks together with their favorite products to achieve the feather eyebrows look- a product we noticed to appear repeatedly was Got2b Glued 4 Brows & Edges 2in1 Gel.

@stella.tu FEATHER BROW TUTORIAL Products In this video: @anastasiabeverlyhills brow freeze @anastasiabeverlyhills brow powder in Medium brown @mykitco 1.34 Pro Other brow related products you should try @kvdbeauty no.70 Brow Brush @kosas brow pop dual action @nyxcosmetics epic ink liner #browtutorial #brows #featherbrows #stellatumakeup ♬ original sound - Stella Tu

Laser Skin Tightening

Our skin requires certain amounts of collagen and elastin to stay tight. When the skin loses its elasticity due to aging, reduction of collagen and elastin, or a significant loss of fat, it looks older—which is often called “saggy.” Sagging skin can appear in different places; however, it is most commonly found on the neck, stomach, jawline, upper arms, and thighs.
Laser skin tightening is a non-invasive procedure that has gained a lot of popularity recently for treating skin concerns such as wrinkles and sagging. This cosmetic procedure uses heat to stimulate collagen and elastin production -  two proteins that firm, tighten and plump skin. It is one of the alternatives to invasive plastic surgery.


@skinbydrazi Did you see the skinLIFT? #laser #ceooflaser #skinbydrazi #laserresurfacing #satisfyingvideo ♬ Howl's Moving Castle - Merry Go Round of Life - Vitamin String Quartet


Just keep in mind that there are a few rules regarding after-treatment care and sun exposure. For the first 24 to 48 hours your doctor will prescribe a specific cream to use, and at this period you should avoid any sun exposure. After this period is over it is very important to use sunscreen with SPF not lower than 50 and avoid direct sun exposure for at least 4 weeks after the procedure in order to avoid any skin damage.

Caramel Highlights

One way to spice up your life is by spicing up your hair color. Caramel highlights are a great option if you want to add warmth and depth to your hair. Picture it like those sun-kissed strands you get after a beach vacation – natural-looking and adding freshness to the hair. They blend with different hair shades, and look equally good on redheads, blondes, and brunettes. Caramel highlights provide your hair with a beautiful mix of colors that really shine, especially against a darker base color. No wonder people are obsessed with these highlights!


@voguehills #caramelhighlights #fy #fyp #foryoupage ♬ original sound - Nothing but Nostalgia✨


Skin Flooding

Next in line is skin flooding, a skincare trend often referred to as a “moisture sandwich”. This method involves drenching the skin with layers of skincare products in the following order: start by cleansing your skin, then spritz on some of your favorite face mist, and then it’s time for layering serums and moisturizers, spritzing face mist after each layer to seal the deal. It will hydrate the skin whether you're battling dryness or aiming for that dewy glazed doughnut texture many of us crave.

The facial mist we absolutely love is SUPERCHARGED™ Barrier Restoring Essence Mist - packed with a blend of skin-loving ingredients such as niacinamide, cica, panthenol, allantoin, aloe vera, and a peptide complex.

Aside from hydrating your skin; this mist also strengthens, repairs, promotes cell regeneration, boosts collagen and elastin and reduces fine lines.


@dermguru Skib flooding may be your new BFF #skinFlooding #GlazedDonut #SkinFloodingRoutine #Dermguru #HyaluronicAcid #ThermalSpringWater #HydratedSkin ♬ original sound - Dermguru



Now, how often should you flood your skin? This, of course, depends on your skin type. 
If you have dry skin, doing it daily or when you feel your skin needs an extra hydration boost can be quite beneficial. For those with normal and oily skin, once a week should do. But if you're struggling with acne, take special care - layering on too many products might lead to breakouts.
A device that can help and benefit all skin types is LUNA™ 4 – a facial cleansing brush and massager designed to deeply cleanse and firm your skin. Its ultra-hygienic silicone touchpoints remove up to 99.5% of dirt, oil, and makeup residue, while guided firming massages relax muscle tension points, improve lymphatic drainage, and help to reduce wrinkles and fine lines.  As a result, LUNA™ 4  aids in reducing breakouts, boosting circulation and collagen production.

Matte Lip Gloss

By now we have seen plenty of trends making a comeback, but the one that has been sticking around since 2015 are matte lip glosses. That same year Kylie Jenner launched her own line, and the word of matte lip glosses was never the same again. And what makes them so special? They’re the best of both worlds - with this hybrid formula you get a perfect combination of the long-lasting matte lipstick and a dash of shiny finish found in traditional glosses.



@_aaliaaaa My go to lip product for years! It’s the @nyxcosmetics_uk Soft Matte Lip Cream in shade London! Get 20% off on @lookfantastic with code NEWBIE 🤍 #AD ♬ original sound - aalia



You've got plenty of options when it comes to matte lip glosses, but one brand that's been making waves on TikTok is NYX Professional Makeup Soft Matte Lip Cream. With over 30 shades to choose from, it's no wonder it's a favorite. Plus, it's smudge-proof with a long-lasting formula and it will stay on your lips all day long.

Baby French Nails

French nails have long been seen as a classic choice in nail art, but even classics can use a refresh now and then. We're not saying the traditional French manicure isn't still a great option, but sometimes it's fun to switch things up a bit. Instead of the usual white tips, why not try softer, more subtle shades for a fresh twist?



@iramshelton Squeezy clean baby blue french tip nails 💦🦋🐬🩵💎 #naturalnails #nailart #frenchmanicure #bluenails #frenchtipnails #gelnails #opi #biabnails #iramshelton #nailinspo #summernails ♬ original sound - iramshelton



Whether you prefer a natural nude or a hint of sparkle, baby French nails will complement any outfit or occasion.

Citrus Nails

Saving the best for last, let's talk about citrus nails. Now, don't get us wrong—we love baby French nails, but there's something exciting about stepping out of your comfort zone, especially when it comes to your nails, and this summer, we're all in for citrus nails! Inspired by lemons, oranges, limes, or grapefruits - this trends is like having a slice of summer on your hands.



@nailsbyluuce juicy #biab #buildergel #3dnails #fruitnais #citrusnails ♬ original sound - Speedy Songsz



And if you really want to make a splash, we've discovered this seriously fruity design that might just make your friends crave a snack!





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