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How to Use BEAR™ 2 - and Achieve That Plump Look

Beautiful woman using BEAR™ 2 microcurrent device

FOREO just came out with BEAR™ 2, a new microcurrent device made to keep your face toned and lifted and your skin bright and plump - without having to undergo invasive cosmetic procedures. Clinically proven to significantly improve deep wrinkles, fine lines, skin firmness, and elasticity in just one week of use, it is a safe, painless, and non-invasive facelift treatment. Like a facial workout, BEAR™ 2 uses two microcurrent spheres that channel energy directly into the skin. When using microcurrent, skin cells break down and then grow back stronger, the same way your muscles do after lifting weights. Four types of microcurrent help to tone and strengthen the 69 muscles in your face and neck – leaving your face with a more sculpted contour, and less visible wrinkles.   Today we're bringing you a detailed, step-by-step guide on how to use it. Before the first use, download the FOREO For You app to register your device and activate the warranty. Then, follow the three easy steps towards that healthy, contoured look:

  1.  Apply Serum

Make sure both your skin and BEAR™ 2 device are clean and dry. Then apply FOREO SUPERCHARGED™ Serum evenly across all areas of the face and neck you wish to treat, leaving a thin mask-like layer on the skin surface. Microcurrent devices like BEAR™ 2 must be used with a conductive serum. For optimal results, we recommend using FOREO SUPERCHARGED™ Serum 2.0 — developed specifically for use with FOREO’s microcurrent devices and clinically proven to significantly increase type one collagen production.

  1. Select Preferences

Press the universal button to turn your BEAR™ 2 device on. Adjust the microcurrent intensity by quick-pressing the button again, once for each level. Access guided treatment videos and more settings via the FOREO app. 

  1. Tone & Lift

Lightly press both metallic spheres to your skin, and slowly glide the device upward and outward across your cheekbones and forehead, around your mouth and over your jawline and neck, as desired. 

Things to Note

Never use microcurrent devices like BEAR™ 2 on the midline bone of the neck or within the orbital bone. Make sure that both microcurrent spheres are touching your skin during your treatment. Always glide the device in upward and outward motions from the center of your face toward your hairline.



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