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FOREO's Campaign “All Colors of Love” Shows How to Celebrate All the Beautiful Complexities of Love

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On the occasion of Valentine’s day, FOREO decided to conduct a global survey to find out more about love, modern dating, and romance. And while the most romantic day is over, love is what stays. Or what should stay with us every day of the year. That’s why we are sharing results from the survey and our campaign "All colors of love" – so you can see where you are with your views on love and is there any room for improvement. 

Overthinking and love?

3600 people participated in the survey and 81% of them feel that, in modern dating, there is an abundance of sex at the cost of love. While some might be quick to argue that the reason for this pessimistic outlook on love and romance lies in the soaring popularity of dating apps making casual sex more available than ever, the reality is much more grim. Here is some interesting data from FOREO’s survey:

  • 49% of people felt being judged while being out and about with their partner, listing age gap (26%), ethnicity or religion (22%), and sexual orientation (14%) as the top reasons their relationships might be considered controversial
  • a staggering 47% of respondents admitted that they refrain from getting involved with someone they love out of fear they will be judged by their family, friends, or society in general
  • 57% of singles reporting feeling pressured to find a partner so that others wouldn’t judge them as a failure
  • 42% admitted simply settling in their choice of partner just to avoid being alone

These disheartening statistics confirm that it’s not the availability of sex that is standing in the way of true love, but it’s the fear and prejudice holding us back. FOREO is all about making people feel good in their own skin and a big part of that is being your unique beautiful self and having the confidence to love whomever your heart desires. Love is universal and nobody gets to put a label on it, explains Boris Trupcevic, FOREO CEO.

[caption id="attachment_6104" align="aligncenter" width="882"]Infographic for FOREO findings It's time for you to pamper yourself and show yourself some love. Start with proper self-care.[/caption]

Self-love starts with self-care

This survey was one of the reasons why FOREO launched a campaign named “All colors of love”. Namely, FOREO wants to offer a different perspective on love, one that is more relatable and more apt for the 21st century’s evolved society. And we want to do that all year round. This campaign, along with our beautiful and loyal followers, shows that we know how to celebrate all beautiful complexities of love together. We also know how to inspire people to be brave and to create their own romantic fairy tales. Unfortunately, statistics prove that not only is society criticizing our lifestyle choices, but we are being equally harsh on ourselves. While being in love makes your skin glow, it is important to remind you – just like is important for you to remind your loved ones – you will glow the most if you nourish the most important form of love - self-love. And don’t forget that self-love starts with self-care, something everyone often forgets. After all, without self-love, you can’t truly love the other, right?

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