When you’re in love, it seems like everything blooms – the world around you, and the world inside you. Even your skin likes when you’re in love, and we are bringing you some scientific pieces of evidence proving that’s true.

Love and skin are like peas and carrots

When you think more about it, it’s pretty logical. When you’re feeling sad, stressed, or anxious, you start noticing some changes on your skin like more breakouts, pimples, oilier or dryer skin. It’s the same same, but different when you are satisfied with your life; when you are happy; when you love and you are loved. Your skin will look (and be) healthier because of hormones.

Namely, when you’re in love, your brain and body are full of “good” hormones – oxytocin or “love hormone”, dopamine, and serotonin that are responsible for your anti-stressed, relaxed, and peaceful state of mind. Besides that, those hormones fight the “bad” hormone cortisol, the one who is in charge of your stress level.

Love is the best anti-aging treatment

What hormones got to do with your skin? Well, pretty much – everything! Oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin have positive effects on your skin by increasing anti-inflammatory responses, repairing the skin barrier, and improving microcirculation. All of that boosts your skin’s radiance and gives you a free anti-aging treatment. Or simply put – being in love makes you look younger!

Being in love makes you look and feel younger which is why it’s the best anti-aging treatment you can imagine.

How do hormones affect your skin?

Oxytocin makes your skin firmer

Oxytocin is known as an “attachment hormone”. For example, when you are experiencing skin-to-skin contact with the person you love, oxytocin will go wild. Which is good because when the oxytocin levels are high, they are increasing your body’s ability to heal. Oxytocin is also related to decreasing inflammation as well as boosting collagen production. Thanks to this “wow” hormone, your skin will be firmer and more elastic.

Dopamine improves microcirculation 

This hormone is responsible for the emotional response to certain situations. Dopamine is doing wonders when it comes to microcirculation while it helps recover the damage of your skin barrier. Dopamine is the main “culprit” of your glowing skin

Serotonin is why you are happy

When your brain is lacking serotonin, there are bigger chances of being anxious or even depressed. But when your brain has a lot of this important hormone, it can help you with getting rid of the free radicals while being a natural antioxidant produced in your body. This hormone is why you feel so light, beautiful, and happy when you’re in love.

FOREO glowy skin in love

When you’re in love, your body is full of hormones that make your skin glow.

Love and be loved

To love and to be loved is one of the best things anyone can experience. As you can see, there are many benefits of being in love – it positively affects your organism, health, and even skin. Be grateful for the love and don’t forget to surprise your loved person with a little token of appreciation you can find on FOREO’s webshop