Swedish beauty-tech powerhouse FOREO bridges the gap between beauty and technology and shares the knowledge about how to cheat a facelift.

As pandemic made work from home almost a standard, we’ve seen a rapid rise of plastic surgery. 2020 and 2021 have been momentous for facial procedures. However, in 2022 the interest for facial surgeries is waning. This is partly due to the rise in popularity of body modification surgery, but also because beauty consumers are turning to non-invasive, pain free procedures to enhance their natural beauty. 

FOREO’s BEAR is a beauty revolution

Swedish beauty-tech powerhouse, FOREO, has reported a rapid growth in demand for its celebrity-loved, award-winning skin-tech devices. But, one category in the brand’s portfolio standing at the forefront of what seems to be an actual beauty revolution giving the whole beauty industry a long overdue face-lift. 

Compared to plastic surgery, beauty products have always been seen as something mild with limited potential to make visible changes in your appearance. However, the whole beauty industry is evolving and beauty-tech is taking over with products packing some serious punch as well as delivering dramatic results, explains Boris Trupcevic, FOREO CEO

He continues:

That is not to say that FOREO beauty-tech can replace elaborate surgical procedures. Although, the results of using our products are clearly visible, quick and pain free. While surgery will certainly lift your skin and have an obvious effect on your appearance, it will not rid you of, say, wrinkles around your mouth or increase your skin quality. Our BEAR, however, will do that, on top of firming your facial muscles and toning your skin, completely pain free.

BEAR FOREO facelift

FOREO’s BEAR and BEAR mini are world’s first FDA-cleared medical microcurrent device with Anti-Shock System™.

BEAR will save you up to $63,000

FOREO delivers premium skincare results from the comfort of your own home meaning that with daily use, a monthly trip to the salon is no longer necessary – or costly. Taking all of this into account, the BEAR alone will save you between $31,000 and $63,000 and over ten years if you switch out expensive monthly microcurrent facials for this savvy device.

This huge saving could essentially buy you a deposit on a house. It also breaks down the hour (or more) spent at the salon (plus the commute) each month into a manageable 3 minute per day, giving you beautiful, toned skin from the comfort of your own home and at a fraction of the cost. 

BEAR provides a quick facelift effect

In 2021, FOREO has seen a climactic growth in demand for its BEAR, the world’s first FDA-cleared medical microcurrent device with Anti-Shock System™ which makes it the strongest and the safest microcurrent device available. BEAR features two microcurrent spheres which deliver advanced microcurrent intensities to large surfaces of the skin, with FOREO’s signature T-sonic pulsations.

Microcurrent technology increases the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) which cells use for energy and is crucial for cellular functions, including formation of collagen and elastin, responsible for making your connective tissue stronger and more flexible. BEAR provides a quick facelift effect as advanced microcurrent mirrors your body’s natural electrical currents on a cellular level to help tone facial muscles, tighten the skin and smooth the look of wrinkles leaving you with youthful radiance. 

Pain-free beauty-tech treatments 

While we don’t think at-home beauty-tech can eradicate the need for plastic surgery altogether, we certainly see that beauty-tech is rapidly growing and taking a big piece out of the anti-aging market. Not only do consumers recognize quality and premium results that beauty-tech delivers, they value the non-invasive treatments.

Ever since plastic surgery became mainstream in the 1960’s, we’ve been conditioned to believe that painful and expensive operations are the only way to restore youthfulness to our skin. However, 2022 brings the whole new perspective on beauty, one that is all about self-care and feeling good. People are now choosing pain-free beauty-tech treatments with visible long-term results over a surgical quick fix fueled by pain and risk, debunking once and forever the myth that plastic surgery is the only way to turn back the clock on your skin.


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