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Kiss Your Buccal Fat Goodbye – Non-Surgical Way to Achieve Chiseled Cheeks

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At the start of this year,  the global beauty community couldn’t get enough of the new cosmetic procedure: buccal fat removal. Promising a chiseled appearance, this treatment captivated Hollywood, with well-known faces like Chrissy Teigen admitting to undergoing the procedure.  

Visible results in just one week

Many other household names like Sophie Turner, Lea Michelle, Dove Cameron, and Bella Hadid have been speculated to have undergone the popular surgery. However, the long-term effects are still greatly unknown, and not everyone wants to undergo a permanent procedure for sculpted results. This is where the FOREO BEAR™ comes in. FOREO BEAR™ is a more natural way to achieve the sculpted look without the long-term effects of removing buccal fat. The BEAR™ uses microcurrent and T-Sonic™ massage to boost microcirculation and lymphatic drainage, delivering nutrients to skin cells and eliminating toxins. It has been clinically proven to improve wrinkles, fine lines, skin firmness, and elasticity in just one week. Additionally, the BEAR™ stimulates skin cells, tones the facial muscles and firms skin, resulting in an overall sculpted complexion.  According to clinical trials, 90% of BEAR™ users notice visible results in just one week, with 98% reporting healthier, less puffy skin. Additionally, 93% of users report improving crow's feet, and 98% would recommend the BEAR™ to a friend.

Non-invasive treatment

Using the BEAR™ at-home microcurrent sculpting device can achieve a similar look to buccal fat removal without undergoing a permanent procedure. The BEAR™ is a more cost-effective and non-invasive treatment than the surgical procedure buccal fat removal requires. With the rise in popularity of buccal fat removal, more people are questioning how to tone and increase the definition of their skin. However, it's important to remember doing something as drastic as buccal fat removal can leave permanent distortion and advanced signs of aging, while a microcurrent facial device like BEAR™ doesn’t pose such risks.

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Laura 04/04/2023

<p><span>The Bear is definitely worth the investment. I have noticed a significant improvement in my skin since using it regularly</span></p>

MYSA user avatar
Renate 05/04/2023

<p><span>I see a clearly visible lifting effect after every treatment with the Bear. Very good device</span></p>

MYSA user avatar
Marina Keller 09/04/2023

After using it daily for 6 weeks, results have surpassed my expectations


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