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FOREO Launches LUNA 4 Collection as an NFT, All Profits Will Be Donated to Charities

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As a brand that thinks of itself as a collective that is cool and down to earth and that genuinely cares about people, no wonder FOREO joins the NFT revolution in order to help a lot of people. Read to find out more. 

FOREO launches 5 NFTs, each in 50 variants

FOREO’s signature device LUNA is on the blockchain! That makes FOREO the first skincare brand ever to launch digitalized versions of its iconic products as an NFT before the conventional launch There will be five different NFTs, each representing one product of the brand’s latest innovation - the LUNA 4 collection. Each NFT will be available in 50 variants, granting the consumers exclusive access to a limited edition of 250 NFTs. Also, one of the NFTs will be released as a special edition and will be sold at auction. The author of that NFT, which will be the most wanted piece of the entire LUNA collection is Mariam, a talented female NFT designer. [gallery link="file" size="full" ids="12873,12875,12877,12874,12876"]

All profits will be donated to charities

Not only FOREO is showing once again its innovative side that is always ahead of its time, but is also showing one of its core values - FOREO deeply cares about people. Namely, the entire profit from selling the NFTs will be directly donated to charities helping people who struggle with mental health and various skin conditions. This includes the money from the auction as well as all the royalties generated from the NFT trade, solidifying further the brand's long-term commitment to destigmatizing mental health issues and creating a self-sustainable healthy community Beauty-tech giant is giving away all the proceeds from the NFTs to three charities: Tjejzonen, Hope Givers, and The Scleroderma Research Foundation, in the brand’s continuous efforts to promote both skin and mental health.

FOREO is redefining what it means to be beautiful

There is a strong connection between skin and mental health. Skin conditions can be a sign of underlying mental health issues and vice versa. Treating one can often help improve the other. Those who suffer some of the skin conditions are more likely to suffer from depression than those without the condition. FOREO is innovative in everything they do, which is why the brand chose to launch NFT and get closer to a younger audience that is under the immense pressure of unattainable beauty standards. FOREO is at the intersection of the beauty industry and mental health, redefining what it means to be beautiful through setting a new golden standard that is all about health and self-love. These very principles gave birth to the brand’s latest innovation in skin cleansing - the LUNA 4 range. 

Meet LUNA 4 range in Metaverse event

There’s one thing to know - 4th generation of LUNA is the most gentle silicone cleansing brush ever made. It’s your best way to get healthy skin. LUNA 4 range includes: LUNA 4, LUNA 4 MEN, LUNA 4 plus, LUNA 4 mini, LUNA 4 go, and LUNA 4 body. [caption id="attachment_12872" align="aligncenter" width="915"] 4th generation of LUNA is the most gentle silicone cleansing brush ever made that includes: LUNA 4, LUNA 4 MEN, LUNA 4 plus, LUNA 4 mini, LUNA 4 go, and LUNA 4 body.[/caption] The official launch of LUNA 4 collection will be on September 19th in a big Metaverse event. Guests will participate in the product launch presentation and the guest list consists of FOREO employees, partners, influencers, journalists, media representatives, retailer representatives, and… Some of Mysa's readers. Keep reading our blog because next week we are sharing invitations to THE event



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Anneli 12/09/2022

That's so interesting! I'm very excited for this ;)


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