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There’s nothing like cold weather to dry out skin. The seasonal drop in temperature can leave even the healthiest skin feeling itchy, dry – and far from glowing! But before you splurge on yet another moisturizer or cream, here are a handful of kitchen remedies to keep skin happy, healthy and nourished all winter long!



honey as home remedies for glowin winter skin

It’s not just sweet to eat, honey is also a treat for your skin! Antibacterial and anti inflammatory, honey also contains enzymes which makes it easily absorbed by skin. As a result, it makes a fantastic moisturizer for smooth, supple skin. If the thought of honey alone sounds just too, well, sticky, mix with Vitamin C-rich lemon juice and leave on skin for ten minutes before removing with water. Hello, hydration!


Olive Oil

olives as home remedies for glowin winter skin

Not just for the salad bowl, certain oils also make fantastic skin protectors and moisturizers, particularly during cold weather. Take olive oil, for example: chock-full of antioxidants, it also contains something called squalene. Just the thing for immediate hydration, it also locks in moisture. Hey, if it was good enough for Cleopatra, it’s good enough for us! Just massage a couple of drops into damp skin, or try mixing with sea salt (remember: fine-grained for the face!) for a deliciously skin-smoothing scrub treatment.



cucumber as home remedies for glowin winter skin

Another salad bowl staple, there’s much more to cucumber than just treating around-the-eye puffiness! Its watery flesh makes it great for hydration, and also contains magnesium and potassium, as well as Vitamins A and E. Whip us a skin-soothing recipe by mixing one pureed cucumber with a couple of drops of honey. Apply the mask to clean, dry skin and leave for ten minutes before rinsing with cool water. How refreshing!



milk as home remedies for glowin winter skin

The lactic acid in milk is a godsend for dry, itchy skin. Something of a super ingredient, it’s also an AHA, or alpha hydroxy acid, which have been shown to brighten, smooth and exfoliate skin. Another firm favorite of Cleopatra herself – rumor has it she would bathe in the stuff – there are several ways to incorporate into your winter regimen. First, dab a washcloth in a bowl of milk, apply to the skin for five minutes, before rinsing with cool water. Or for a more luxurious treat, add a two cups of milk and a quarter cup of honey to a warm (never scalding!) bath for a soothing soak like no other!



avocado as home remedies for glowin winter skin

They’re the superfruit we just can’t get enough of – but did you know that avocados are also really good for keeping skin supple and hydrated? All of those healthy fats, as well as plenty of Vitamin E make this delicious fruit a great addition to your winter skincare regime. To use, make yourself some avocado on toast, some guacamole – or whatever you have to do to be left with the inner side of the peel. Lightly rub all over your face and let the residue work its magic for ten minutes before rinsing with cool water. Alternatively, and for extra antioxidants, try combining the flesh of half an avocado with a couple of tablespoons of honey for a skin-quenching mask.