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How to Love the Skin You’re in When You Feel Like an Unhappy Acne Kid

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It is easy to say love the skin you’re in when you have a flawless complexion. But how to love the skin you’re in when you have acne and don’t have self-confidence? Acne is, unfortunately, much much more than just a skin condition. It can have serious social and psychological effects that can evolve into anger, frustration, and in the worst-case scenario, into a social phobia. And you don’t even have to experience all of that to know how harmful it can be to your mental health and overall quality of life.

Acne in adulthood can be a bigger burden

Acne affects more than 96% of teens. Life would be easier if a huge percentage of those teens don’t have acne later in life. Acne in delicate years, ie. in puberty, is responsible for anxiety and mood disorder. It can also impact self-esteem which is why young people at that age often feel like they don’t deserve to love or to be loved. And that’s a big issue! Luckily, some of them finish their battle with acne and if they don’t have any scars, they may forget how painful it was to be that “ugly acne kid”. But still… acne FOREO Acne in adulthood can be a heavier psychosocial burden. Namely, adults with acne sometimes just can’t handle it because they consider it as a skin condition they should get over a long time ago. When you have acne in your 30s or 40s, you’re going to feel like that unhappy kid (again) who was always an object of ridicule and that just isn’t funny.

Acne is similar to asthma, diabetes...

According to a recent study, more people who have acne are unemployed than people who do not have acne. Also, adults with acne find it hard to form new relationships and you know how finding new friends or partners becomes even harder as you are getting older. Do you know that acne can negatively affect the quality of life, similar to asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, and some rheumatic diseases? So, acne is not something that is often confused with poor hygiene. That’s why we have to teach, not only ourselves, but our kids too to be kind always and with everyone, of course, but especially with those who are fighting their painful battles. And fighting acne is one of those battles.

Your self-esteem will improve along with clearer skin

We live in a society that puts a great emphasis on appearance, and we are all aware of the tremendous impact of first impressions. Unfortunately, your first impression can’t be good if you are sad, angry, or frustrated because of acne. LUNA 3 FOREO Despite that, acne doesn’t have to rule your life. Your self-esteem will improve along with your clearing skin that should start with one and only LUNA 3, your one-time investment for a lifetime of results. Easy-to-use, FOREO’s LUNA 3 delivers gentle, yet efficient deep cleanse and an enjoyable T-Sonic massage that removes up to 99.5% of impurities. If your skin is prone to acne, then the perfect LUNA for you is LUNA 3 for sensitive skin. Thanks to this recognizable device made in a beautiful pastel purple color, you’ll get gentle exfoliation and decent scrub that’ll open up your pores and rid them of acne-causing bacteria.




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Pilar 12/09/2021

Puede ser en español?

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carly 12/09/2021

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Hola, lamentablemente todavía no escribimos nuestros artículos en español, sin embargo, definitivamente es algo en lo que estamos trabajando. Gracias por tu paciencia y cuídate <3

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ray watson 30/06/2022

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