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Skincare When You’re Sick: A Complete Guide

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 Everything you’ll need to ride out that winter cold. No matter how healthy your diet or how intense your exercise regimen, we all get sick from time to time. And since your mom probably isn’t on call to cook you soup and rub your head while you watch cartoons on the couch, we’re here to help you take care of yourself (and your skin) this flu season with a few remedies that are mom-approved.


humidifier when being ill, sick, having flu You’re downing decongestants in a desperate attempt to breathe from both nostrils at the same time, completely unaware of one of their most damaging side effects - dry skin. As if winter wasn’t already drying enough, those little red pills are robbing your skin of even more treasured hydration. Your winter moisturizer may need some backup, so grab yourself a humidifier and leave it on the nightstand while you snooze.

Nasal Moisturizer

All that wiping and blowing is tough on your poor nose. Consistent and repeated friction can leave the area irritated, even if you treat yourself to a big ‘ol box of the lotion tissues. And while it is still the holiday season, no one wants to look like Rudolph. So, stash this little pot of shea butter next to your Kleenex and dab a little onto your nose after every sniffle.

Face Mist

If you’re feeling feverish, pop your favorite face mist in the fridge for a bit and give yourself a few spritzes every now and then for some soothing relief. This one from Herbivore has coconut water, rose and hibiscus, so it will hydrate while it cools. If your body is doing one of those fun hot/cold switching routines, indulge in a UFO mask treatment and choose the temperature that suits your fancy.

Lip Balm

All that mouth breathing is guaranteed to dry out your lips, so fight cracked, peeling skin with an ultra-nourishing lip balm like this one. Or, if you want to look halfway alive when answering the door for your Postmates soup delivery, this lip oil pulls double duty - nourishing with a slight hint of color.

Bath/Shower Accoutrement

lavender bath, shower When you’re sick as a dog, there’s nothing like a nice hot bath to cure what ails you. A few capfuls of C.O. Bigelow Cold & Flu Soak is the adult equivalent of your mom tucking you into bed smothered in Vick’s VapoRub. Don’t have a tub? No problem. Pop this lavender shower bomb from Lush on the floor of your shower and poof - you’ve got yourself a sick sauna.

Water, Water, Water

Even though your doctor probably already told you, it bears repeating - when you have a cold, the flu, or any other winter illness, you need to increase your fluid intake. An insulated water bottle like this one makes hydrating from within easier, and you won’t have to kill your Netflix and nap vibes traipsing to the kitchen every ten minutes to re-heat your 7Up (yes, that’s a thing).   Feel better soon, kids!

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