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IRIS Takes Home Award for Best Beauty Device 2017

We are so very pleased and proud to announce that IRIS has been awarded the title ‘Best Beauty Device’ in the 2017 Beauty Shortlist Award! The Beauty Shortlist is the UK’s premier Clean Beauty Blog, and their annual awards are aimed at focusing on products that not only work well, but also do well by our Earth. In fact, while 10 expert judges in the UK always make up the judging panel,  2017 marks an exciting new year in that boards will be hosted in Australia, US, Scandinavia and other territories for the first time, “enabling brands to send their samples locally, saving on costs and helping reduce the carbon footprint.” This mission closely aligns with FOREO, as each product we conceive is one that uses quality, body-safe materials to create devices that can be used again and again, particularly wherever a disposable device has previously been the norm. IRIS Illuminating ​Eye Massager is no different; made from medical-grade silicone, IRIS is both free of BPA and pthalatates but also rechargeable! Of course, it’s not just its sustainability that makes IRIS a winning eye care product.  Approved by ophthalmologists, it uses gently T-Sonic™ technology to mimic the ‘tapping method’ used to decrease bags and puffiness under your eyes.  In fact, trials saw that IRIS is 70% more effective at reducing dark circles and 51% more effective at firming the skin under the eyes* But how does IRIS work? Just check out the video below! [embed width="560" height="315"]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yCOmn6T37Ws[/embed]

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