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Is It Time to Finally Kiss the Orange Skin Goodbye?

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Cellulite is a common condition affecting (mainly) women of all ages, sizes, and lifestyles. We've seen it on celebrities, athletes, our friends, and our own thighs. Cellulite loomed above our teenage heads, together with acne and all the other changes in our bodies. A good thing about growing up is realizing that cellulite is a common issue to many women - and harmless, at that. 


Here at MYSA, we firmly believe in accepting your body in all its forms and taking care of it as best as you can - including occasional (or better yet- regular) pampering. Whether you came to embrace your cellulite or love your body but still want to reduce the look of cellulite, we're rooting for you - feeling confident and comfortable in your skin is what matters and reflects on the outside. Remember that in any case, regular exercise (or something as simple as a daily walk) and a balanced diet are means to a healthy body and mind. Today, we're talking about what causes cellulite and sharing the newest skin tech treatments that will help you deal with it.  

Why Does Cellulite Occur

Cellulite is a skin condition that occurs when the fat beneath the skin pushes against connective tissues, causing the skin to appear dimpled or lumpy. It is more common in women than men, primarily due to differences in the structure of connective tissues and fat distribution.  


Factors like genetics, aging, and hormones play a role in cellulite development. Estrogen, a hormone responsible for developing and regulating the female reproductive system, affects blood flow, collagen production, and fat distribution. In women, estrogen promotes the storage of fat in subcutaneous areas, which is the layer of fat just beneath the skin. This subcutaneous fat is prone to pushing against connective tissues, forming dimples and the so-called orange skin.  


As women age, collagen fibers tend to lose elasticity, making it easier for the fat cells to go through those weakened tissues, resulting in cellulite. Additionally, lifestyle factors like poor diet, lack of exercise, and not drinking enough water can exacerbate cellulite by promoting fat accumulation and weakening the skin's structure.  

Do Anti-Cellulite Creams Work?

We've all given it a shot: buying countless anti-cellulite creams and at-home cellulite massagers that promised to absolve us of dimples on our thighs, stomachs, and buttocks. The results were mostly disappointing. Luckily, in the last decade, skin-tech evolved in ways that it uses science to combine technologies and potent ingredients to tackle various skin concerns, including cellulite. After changing our skincare routines with the world's most hygienic facial brush, LUNA™ 4, the world's most potent micro-current device BEAR™ 2, at-home microdermabrasion KIWI™ derma, radiofrequency rejuvenating treatments with FAQ™ 102 (to name a few!), FOREO introduced BEAR™ 2 body microcurrent device designed to treat cellulite and is now complementing the treatment with SUPERCHARGED™ Firming Body Serum 


Luxuriously silky, packed with potent ingredients of 93% natural origin, the serum helps break down fat cells that lead to dimpled skin, increases collagen levels to make the skin tighter and more toned, and, on top of that, reinforces the skin's natural barrier, deeply hydrating it. In clinical trials, the serum was proven to lock in moisture for 24 hours and improve fine lines and wrinkles within two weeks. A remarkable 100% of users reported firmer, softer, and more nourished skin, with 97% noting visible improvements in cellulite, scarring, stretch marks, and a more toned overall body appearance in just 28 days.  

Key Ingredients of SUPERCHARGED™ Firming Body Serum

SUPERCHARGED™ Firming Body Serum is not only a conductive serum meant to be used with BEAR™ 2 body microcurrent device but also a nourishing treatment with 93% powerful, carefully selected ingredients of natural origin that are also vegan, cruelty-free, and suitable for all skin types. 


Firming Peach Resin is used in Chinese medicine to nourish, tighten, and firm the skin, as well as improve its elasticity. It contains compounds known to boost collagen levels in the dermis and give the skin a noticeable lift. The skin feels firmer and tighter and radiates a more youthful glow.  

Toning Caffeine accelerates lipolysis - a metabolic process that breaks down the fats in our body, thus improving the look of cellulite. It also stimulates blood circulation, which results in boosting collagen production and skin repair. 

Elasticity-enhancing Squalane creates a protective barrier on your skin and thus prevents moisture loss. The result? Supple, plump, and more elastic skin.  

Moisturizing Allantoin helps attract and retain moisture in the dermis and facilitates shedding dead skin cells - leaving skin fresh, healthy, and soft.  

Strengthening Panthenol is a well-known humectant that holds and binds water and is used to reinforce the skin's natural barrier, improving the appearance of damaged or compromised skin.  

8 kinds of repairing Hyaluronic Acid team up to nourish, deeply hydrate, improve skin's flexibility and maintain its microbiome. A flatlay of coffee beans, various serum and gel smears, a lpant with purple flowers, and peach resin

The Synergy with BEAR™ 2 body

Developed specifically for use with BEAR™ 2 body, both the microcurrent body toning device and SUPERCHARGED™ Firming Body Serum realize their full potential when used together. BEAR™ 2 body combines two powerful types of microcurrent, Advanced Microcurrent™ and Sculpting Microcurrent™ to stimulate muscles, tighten the skin, and tone targeted areas. The patented Anti-shock™ 2.0 system tailors treatments to individual skin needs, while T-Sonic™ massage, combined with microcurrent, enhances cellulite reduction by boosting lymphatic drainage. The device is clinically proven to significantly improve skin firmness and elasticity in just one week, pain-free and from the comfort of your home. 


However, for it to work, it must be used with a conductive serum - without it, microcurrent cannot penetrate the deeper layers and will only prick your skin without the effect. The other way around, BEAR™ 2 body complements the SUPERCHARGED™ Firming Body Serum in a way that it enables all those powerful active ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin where they work best. Firming peach resin, toning caffeine, moisturizing squalane and allantoin, strengthening panthenol, and repairing hyaluronic acids will thus not only work on the skin surface but also in the deeper layers of skin - where cellulite forms.  

Get your SUPERCHARGED™ Firming Body Serum

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Marlene 10/01/2024

I use Bear 2 Body and I really noticed an improvement. Excellent device

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dora 10/01/2024

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Hello Marlene,

Thank you so much for sharing your experience!

We are glad to hear you are enjoying your BEAR™ body and seeing improvements! It is such an amazing product. :)

Kind regards!


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