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It Turns Out: There Is Such Thing as Beauty Sleep

Young woman waking up happy with microneedles patches on forehead and under eyes

How about instead of waking up with wrinkles, dark circles, and eye bags, you wake up with smoother, plumper, and firmer skin on your forehead and under your eyes? Of course, a healthy diet, good sleep hygiene, exercising, reducing stress, and keeping your skin clean and moisturized (hint: Swedish Beauty Routine could help!) all work towards healthy skin. However, if you want to go the extra mile in reducing wrinkles without having to go through painful procedures - new microneedling patches from FAQ™ Swiss that work while you sleep might just be it.  

What Is Microneedling?

Microneedling patches are a non-invasive yet extremely effective treatment that works by putting them on in the evening and taking them off in the morning. The patches are covered in microneedles that painlessly penetrate the skin and thus enable pushing the active ingredients into the dermis. This cutting-edge technology is called Transdermal Delivery System (TDS), and does what traditional skincare (as in nice-smelling topicals) can’t.   

Solution for Forehead Wrinkles

FAQ™ Microneedling Anti-Wrinkle Hyaluronic Acid Patches - For Forehead work as skin fillers to reduce the look of frown lines overnight. They are covered in 1,142 dissolving microneedles that push a potent Hyaluronic Acid complex deep into the dermis - to help firm, plump, and smooth forehead wrinkles.  

Solution for Under Eyes

FAQ™ Microneedling Anti-Wrinkle Hyaluronic Acid Patches - For Under Eyes are an overnight, natural, non-invasive alternative to skin fillers covered in 2,270 dissolving microneedles, and they work on reducing wrinkles, dark circles, and eye bags.  A model with microneedling patches on her forehead and under eyes

Vegan, Cruelty-Free, and Powerful Ingredients

Both patches have a vegan formula with vegan, cruelty-free, and 100% natural origin ingredients:  

Deeply hydrating Hyaluronic Acid Complex A powerful combination of 3 types of HA helps maintain healthy skin by restoring moisture balance, improving skin texture, and enhancing elasticity, leaving the skin firmer, smoother, and more supple. 


Antioxidant Korean Red Pine Extract (Pinus Densiflora) It is known to stimulate collagen production in the skin, improving firmness, minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and enhancing overall skin tone. 


Anti-inflammatory Ku Shen Root Extract (Sophora flavescens) It helps soothe and calm the skin while protecting it from oxidative stress caused by free radicals, leaving it looking healthy and young. 


Moisturizing Mugwort Leaf Extract (Artemisia Princeps) It contains natural humectants that help attract and retain moisture in the skin, leaving it supple and smooth.  


Both treatments can be enhanced with FAQ™ 202 Anti-Aging Silicone LED mask, which has shown remarkable clinical results that tell their own story :

  • it decreases wrinkles by 32% and significantly increases firmness in just two weeks
  • it reduces acne by 48% and decreases excess sebum by 18% in just two weeks 
  • significantly increases elasticity in just two weeks.

If you’re using the patches only, the procedure is pretty simple: apply them to clean, dry skin and let them work their magic overnight. If you’re using them with the FAQ™ 202 Anti-Aging Silicone LED mask, you can use two different treatments depending on the time you have at your disposal and your preference. Choose a 5-minute Quick refresh treatment (quick fix to boost radiance for a healthy and revitalized complexion) or 15 15-minute Anti-wrinkle treatment (perfect combination of LED wavelengths to target fine lines and wrinkles).  

The FAQ™ 200 Collection

For those who believe in the value of the finer things in life, the collectors of exquisite skin-tech as high-impact investments into the future, the FAQ™ 200 device range comes as a comprehensive, holistic routine to quickly firm, rejuvenate, and repair the face, neck, décolleté, and hands. An ultra-lightweight, wireless, and ergonomic anti-aging silicone mask collection with 7 + NIR LED treatments targets the most common signs of skin aging and also includes FAQ™ 221 Anti-Aging LED Hand Mask and FAQ™ 211 Anti-Aging LED Neck & Décolleté Mask.


The open-palm FAQ™ 221 Anti-Aging LED Hand Mask is designed to rejuvenate and restore the youthful appearance of hands that are frequently exposed to the sun and environmental damage.

FAQ™ 211 Anti-Aging LED Neck & Décolleté Mask is a dual-wear LED mask - that can be worn the opposite way to target wrinkles or bacne on the back of the neck, neck, and upper back.


FAQ Microneedling Patches User Reviews

Since at FOREO, we like to try all of our products out personally, we asked around the office for the honest opinions of those who have tried the FAQ Microneedling Patches. Here's what they say: 


Hana Agić, Product Management Specialist "I have never tried microneedling patches before so I was excited and curious, especially since they need to be used overnight - the grand reveal happens in the morning. And I was really surprised! My undereye area felt really smooth, plump and hydrated, with no dark circles in sight. I am planning to try FAQ Microneedling Hyaluronic Patches For Forehead next, to sort out my elevens a bit." 


Franka Šimić, PR Specialist "Firstly I was a bit scared because of the tiny needles and how you can litterly feel them if you touch the patch, but honestly didn't feel it at all once I applied it on my forehead. Both needles, and the patches themselves are so easy on the skin that you forget you have them. After waking up in the morning I was so excited to see the results, and the excitement was justified. My skin was sooo plump and soft, and even when I tried to do the face mimics which usually would make such wrinkles, it was impossible. And now, every time I have a big thing happening, I know that night before FAQ patches are a way to go for me."  



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Pippa 18/10/2023

Great article, I will be sure to try the micro needle patches because they sound like exactly what I need. Wrinkles under eyes are not the best look in the morning. Thank you for sharing this great product, it sounds amazing

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dora 19/10/2023

In reply to by Pippa


Hi dear Pippa,
Thank you for your positive feedback!
We're thrilled to hear that you found the article helpful and are interested in trying the micro-needle patches. They can indeed be a great solution for addressing under-eye wrinkles. :D


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