PEACH™ 2 is the fastest, simplest, and most effective way to remove unwanted hair, in the long term. Designed with more power, a larger treatment window, and a faster flash than other IPL devices on the market. It also features a built-in skin cooling system to ensure a comfortable and painless hair removal experience. So ditch the razor – because life’s too short to shave every day. 

It’s time to meet this innovative at-home IPL hair removal device that will simplify your life so much.

The Innovation Behind PEACH™ 2

How Does IPL Work?

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is a treatment that uses strong pulses of light to offer long-term, visible hair removal. The light pulses force the root of the hair to go into a resting phase – which means the hair you have in the treated area falls out, and over time your body gradually grows less hair there. So IPL can replace shaving, waxing, or epilating

The light pulses are absorbed by the pigment in the hair (called melanin). When this happens, the buildup of energy is converted to heat – similar to a black t-shirt on a sunny day. As the heat travels down the hair, it causes heat damage to the hair follicle and disables the cells that produce new hairs – which results in smooth, hair-free skin for you

PEACH™ 2 can deliver up to 120 flashes per minute, enabling fewer missed spots when gliding on skin.


What Is a Skin Cooling System For?

Although IPL hair removal shouldn’t be painful, many people describe feeling a quick burst of heat with each flash, similar to the feeling of a rubber band snapping on the skin, during both at-home and professional treatments – which can cause mild discomfort depending on your pain tolerance. To help alleviate this, PEACH™ 2 devices have a built-in skin cooling system – for extremely comfortable and painless treatments, even in sensitive areas.  

The 360° skin cooling system in PEACH™ 2 devices surrounds the treatment window on all sides. This means that it not only cools the treated skin quickly but also preemptively cools the skin you are next going to treat – whichever direction you move the device in. So with every ‘zap’ of unwanted hair, your PEACH™ 2 device gives you the most effective results with the least irritation. Cold air is drawn through the vents and circulated over the device’s lamp. The hot air is then released back out through the exhaust, to prevent the device and your skin from overheating. 

Why Do You Need T-Sonic Pulsations in an IPL Hair Removal Device?

The ‘T’ in T-Sonic™ is short for transdermal – so named because these pulsations travel through the outer layers of skin. A result of this is that they help to temporarily dilate pores – which means that the light pulses can then reach hair follicles more easily, with less obstruction. They also help to stimulate healthy blood flow – which in turn helps to enhance the skin’s radiance.

These T-Sonic™ pulsations gently massage the skin and help to boost radiance and tackle signs of aging. They also help the light pulses to reach hair follicles more effectively.  

Additional Features

  • FOR FACE & BODY – 2 modes for larger & more precise areas. No detachable heads are needed.
  • 5 INTENSITIES – Allow you to adjust to different skin sensitivities in different areas.
  • SELF-ADJUSTING HEAD – Bends naturally with your body, to treat all creases & corners.
  • SAFE SKIN SENSOR – Only activates IPL when the treatment window is in full contact with skin.
  • INTEGRATED UV FILTRATION SYSTEM – Blocks out lower and higher frequencies of light, such as UV, that are unnecessary for hair removal treatments and harmful to skin.
  • Faster and more powerful than other IPL devices on the market.
  • 2x more power than other IPL devices, with 7.3 J/cm² of energy.
  • 3x more coverage than other IPL devices, with 9cm² treatment window.
  • Ultra-fast flash speed from 0.5 seconds – delivering 120 flashes per min.
  • More settings, treatment guidance and reminders via the FOREO app.

Before the first use, make sure to read our detailed guide on how to use PEACH™ 2. 

Say goodbye to razors and enjoy permanent hair reduction in just 12 weeks.