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Mirror, Mirror On The Wall What Is The Best For Your Skin Of Them All

What makes a good skincare investment? FOREO made at home beauty survey with respondents from all over the World and 96.5% would rather invest in skincare than makeup. Skincare topics were blooming all over Social media, raising awareness on taking care of our skin - the largest organ in the body. Starting with the importance of a proper skin cleansing to eliminate all impurities and free radicals, massaging to release the tension and to promote blood circulation, masking to restore the moisture, repair the skin barrier and improve the hydration, toning, LED lights for a collagen boost, cellular repair and growth, reducing wrinkles and lines, eye massagers to reduce lines and puffiness, microcurrents for a “natural” facelift for firmer-looking skin and youthful glow - aand you know FOREO has all of that extensive offer of professional treatments at home!

For a Lifetime of Beautiful & Healthy Skin, a One-Time Investment  

The beauty lovers realized the importance of skincare routine, investing in beauty and health as prevention is a pillar of the anti-aging and an investment in skincare early to delay or avoid more expensive procedures later. We cannot go against mother nature in aging but, for sure, we can influence its route.  And FOREO customers cracked the code - they bought FOREO’s high-quality durable gadgets as a one-time investment with value in having a close to professional level treatment at home.FOREO LUNA mini 2 bristles FOREO’s reached out to the first users who purchased Luna back in 2013 and received amazing feedback from all over the World. When FOREO’s CEO Boris Trupcevic personally read those comments he stated:
It was truly an emotional moment for all of us here at FOREO to hear personal stories about how our hero product LUNA became a part of their lives. What really made it special, is that they all expressed their FOREO products still function flawlessly even after 8 years of use and still look as beautiful and clean as the new ones, with insane battery life.

Loyalty is Love

And, once you think you reached the best part, we have more to tell you: FOREO’s satisfied customers praised the quality & durability of the products, fascinating results but also showed admiration & loyalty to the brand by the continuous purchase of FOREO’s gadgets aiming the best facial treatments at home.

Testimonials 🗣

  • Testimonial from Maria, Spain (Luna user since 2013 and UFO since 2018)
I have FOREO LUNA, the first one you launched in the year 2013. I was thinking 'how long have I had this' and then I found the receipt: 2013! I’ve had it for years and years and it’s as good as new. And a friend of mine who also has LUNA can say the same thing. It is PERFECT. Not even the bristles have moved, nor twisted; they’re all straight and the device still works wonderfully. [...] If you buy a device, it should last, we can’t be just replacing it every year. 
  • Testimonial from Kristina, USA (Luna user since 2014)
I have been using FOREO LUNA for a couple of years now, and I am addicted to it!  My skin texture has improved in a way that it's brighter, and it's got this slight glow to it. Another positive effect I noticed as a result from my daily Luna routine, is that my pores started to appear smaller, and the blackheads are gone. The silicone bristles are soft and gentle on the skin, while the pulsations seem to stimulate blood flow which I believe is why the skin is more radiant. My Luna still works perfectly, and I am excited to explore other products within FOREO’s portfolio!
  • Testimonial from Charlotte, Australia (LUNA user since 2014)
The original Luna Mini that I purchased in 2014 is still going strong in 2021! The longevity of this product, long uses between recharge, and how amazing it makes my skin feel is also the reason I purchased the Issa and UFO2! A leading brand in skincare that I trust with great customer service! Next on my list is the Bear!
  •  Testimonial from Natasa, Croatia, (LUNA user since 2014)
I have been facing skin issues since childhood, therefore, I bought Luna to help me get rid of all the dirt from my face. It has been gently nourishing my sensitive skin for 7 years now. :) One day I noticed the Luna had disappeared from my bathroom and I was sadly looking for it for a couple of days. The end result was that I found my Luna in the “little thief’s" bathroom - my 15-year-old daughter! Since I got addicted to the amazing soft bristles that cleanse all the dirt away and to my now soft baby skin, there was only one option left for me. To buy one more Luna so both of us can continue our evening cleanse routines! P.S. My youngest daughter is now becoming a teenager so we will be happily expanding our Luna family soon. :)
  •  Testimonial from Amy, USA (LUNA and UFO user since 2018)
I am so happy to know that not only does FOREO make the most amazing, innovative products but that they truly care about their customers and our planet! I have been telling all my friends about the great FOREO products I enjoy. I took this picture for you to see how [much] this 50 years old (!) woman loves the various FOREO devices [...] that I have used for so many years. Thank you again, FOREO!
  • Testimonial from Emily, Texas, USA  (UFO user since 2018)
I already had my LUNA 2 when I got the email about UFO [Kickstarter launch]. I like the cooling technology in the morning a lot, and then at night, whenever I use the mask, I like the warming technology. It still looks great, operates just fine with proper cleaning, and charges just as fast as I remember in the beginning. It’s a device I never knew I needed. My husband saw me using it along with the app and he wanted to try it too! He now likes it too!
  • Testimonial from Bethany, UK (UFO user since 2018 and LUNA before that)
I joined the Kickstarter campaign, I already had a FOREO product, I had Luna so I was really aware of the brand. It might have been something I saw on Social Media about the UFO Kickstarter project and I had a look into what the device was and it seemed so cool and not like anything else that was available. When the product arrived it was super exciting, I never had anything like that before or the mask that was so quick to use and MESS FREE. And I was always into skincare and into looking after my skin and it was because of the brand because I had a product from before, you had a lot of presence on Social media so I definitely wanted to try. Most of the time I use UFO as like night time pampering kind of thing as i really like it, I usually do it a few times, as well as I, like warming, ohh I really like the way it feels so I use it a few times as a pump session but it is a super good as well and I noticed such a difference with my skin afterward.
  • Testimonial from Andie, USA (UFO user since 2018)
When UFO was gonna come out, I was like, OK, I love face masks, this thing is gonna be cool. I finally got the [Kickstarter UFO] package in April of 2018. [...] I still use it! I like doing face masks but you don’t always have an hour to sit, you don’t have the time to wash your face afterward... It moisturizes my skin, I don’t feel dry afterward, and I don’t feel like I have stuff all over my face. I’m just ready to go.
  • Testimonial from Michaela, Sweden (LUNA user since 2013)
Yes, I'm still using my good old trusted combination-skin LUNA :) And come to think of it, it almost feels like I've barely charged it since I bought it. The battery life is INSANE still. I don't use it every day but 3-4 times/week maybe? It just elevates whichever cleanser you're using and I definitely feel like it makes a difference when it comes to removing heavy residue/SPF for example. I'll be using it 'til it dies on me - for sure!
  • Testimonial from Anna, Poland (LUNA user since 2018)
I have my FOREO [LUNA] brush for 3 years now 🥰 It works like it was at the beginning 😍 If I buy a new one soon, it is only to have one at home and the other one for travel. But I think this one will serve me for a long time [to come].
  • Testimonial from Agnes, Hungary (UFO user since 2018)
I bought UFO through Kickstarter in 2018. I was reaching a new decade in my life and thought I needed a real treat that would also help me keep my "youth". [UFO still looks] like new! I use it mostly in the evening for some "me time” or when I travel: it helps during long flights or after flights in a hotel to refresh the skin. A quality product with high performance. Clever design and all a woman can ask for.
  •  Testimonial from Brian & Elisabeth, USA (LUNA users since 2013)
Yes, my wife and I still use the device daily. We might have to charge it more often than when it was brand new but it still does a great job cleansing our faces. It has become embedded in our morning routines and I can’t imagine showering without it.

So, tell us, what is on your SKINCARE plate today? Luna, UFO 2, Bear, or all 3 of it:)

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[…] Aceasta perie vine cu cea mai inalta recomandare a expertilor in stomatologie, cu rezultate dovedite clinic care demonstreaza o imbunatatire uimitoare de 140% a starii de igiena orala si indepartarea cu 30% a mai multor bacterii, decat o periuta de dinti manuala, reducand astfel sansele de a dezvolta gingivita. ISSA 3 functioneaza impecabil 365 de zile cu o singura incarcare USB, facandu-l un partener perfect oriunde te-ai afla. Cea mai noua senzatie sonica FOREO este dura, dar usoara pentru gingii – si pentru portofel. Costa 169 EURO, si iti va economisi de fapt vizite scumpe la dentist, economisind astfel bani pe termen lung. In plus, clientii FOREO recunosc faptul ca produsele lor preferate FOREO functioneaza impecabil si arata la fel de frumos si dupa 8 ani de utilizare. […]

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Hi there!
We are glad to see you are interested in the benefits of the ISSA™ 3 - there are many! For more information about our ISSA collection, please visit the following link: www.foreo.com/issa-collection
We are sure our ISSA™ 3 will make your smile brighter than ever! For any further questions you may have about the product, please do not hesitate to reach us!


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