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"How to Sleep" by Rafael Pelayo Is Your This Week's Must-Read

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Yes, we are living in times where we need instructions for something that seems like the easiest thing - sleeping. Crazy, isn’t it? Well, not if you consider that these times one of the most stressful times that keep on bringing us different kinds of disorders. One of them is a sleeping disorder. The book “How to Sleep” by Rafael Pelayo is showing us what we have to know about sleeping hygiene


It may help you fall asleep faster

Dr. Rafael Pelayo, an expert sleep clinician, and professor at the world-renowned Sleep Medicine Clinic at Stanford University offers a medically comprehensive and holistic approach to the myriad issues that might be affecting your sleep. He begins by grounding us in the biology of sleep including the extremely reassuring fact that no one actually sleeps through the night—we naturally wake up every ninety minutes. Dr. Pelayo then tackles the major sleep issues one by one, such as snoring and its causes; the difference between transient and chronic insomnia, and how to treat each; strategies to combat jet lag; how lifestyle choices affect your sleep, including exercise (even ten minutes helps), meditation (try it right before bed), and food and drink (alcohol is a double-edged sword—it may help you fall asleep faster, but it often interferes with staying asleep). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R8CNKE8nHfQ  

Why do you have to read this book?

You’ll find here some advice: how to use white noise, what is the right temperature for your bedroom, or how to pick the right pillow for better sleep? [caption id="attachment_12429" align="aligncenter" width="629"] The book “How to Sleep” by Rafael Pelayo is showing us what we have to know about sleeping hygiene.[/caption] And here’s what other says about this book:

This book taught me a lot about the science of sleep. I, therefore, got insights that I could never have collected by reading popular science articles or books, as I have been doing for years. 'How to Sleep' is an exquisite collection of relevant scientific data, molded into understandable literature. Before reading this book, I thought of myself as a sleep aficionado, but Dr. Pelayo showed me just how many misconceptions I had. How to Sleep taught me that snoring is never normal, about the seriousness and pervasiveness of sleep apnea, and much more. These misunderstandings affect us all—this comforting and confidence-building book should be mandatory reading. Highly readable and easy to use! Jam-packed with terrific, practical advice from a true expert. Highly recommend it -- a great bedside addition for anyone who wants to know more about getting a better night's sleep.

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