From Jessica Alba and Serena Williams to Kylie Jenner and Liv Tyler – let’s check out how celebrities take care of their skin!

Celebrities – they’re just people too. Puffy eyes, breakouts and dry skin are no strangers to them. Whether they’re getting ready to conquer the day or going to bed, they have elaborate skincare routines they swear by. With all of their dermatologists, facialists and backstage secrets, we had to investigate the skincare tips and tricks they have to offer!

Jessica Alba

The famous actress and entrepreneur started acting at just 12 years old. All that experience in front of the camera amounted to her starting her very successful clean beauty brand ‘Honest Beauty’. It’s safe to say that Jessica knows a lot of insider secrets of the beauty industry. We’re glad she shared some during her daily skincare routine. The emphasis is on hydration and using clean products!

Luka Sabbat

The fashion icon is very passionate about skincare! He says he gets facials up to two times a week. Watch how he gets rid of puffy eyes and listen when he advises to drink more water. Our favorite part is when he encourages us to pamper ourselves and to talk to ourselves in the mirror. Confidence is key so be your own biggest fan!

Kylie Jenner

The beauty mogul is very well known for her makeup line, but her skincare line seems to be doing amazing as well. *Mommager voice: You’re doing amazing sweetie!* Watch Kylie share her product-knowledge and advice with us. She’s very passionate about pat drying your face instead of wiping it. It’s a great tip for people with dry or sensitive skin!

Alicia Keys

There are two things Alicia Keys is known for – superb music and natural beauty. The singer is very outspoken about embracing natural beauty, so much so that she stopped wearing makeup in 2016. Since then she does all of her red carpet appearances makeup-free. Yep, completely makeup-free. How does she do it? A lot of self-care, skincare, hydration and cleansing. Go see for yourself!

Kourtney Kardashian

Her sister Kim once called her “the least interesting to look at” and the entire internet rose to her defense. The oldest sister in the Kardashian clan is very interesting to look at AND listen to. She’s very passionate about what she eats and uses on her body. During this routine she reflects on teaching her children – both girls and boys – to take care of their skin from an early age.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Believe it or not – the Victoria Secret supermodel says her skin is oily, sensitive and acne-prone. That’s why she’s very careful when it comes to her skincare. She’s in love with her warming cleanser with honey and swears by rose water and rose serums. Sneak a peek into her bathroom routine to find out how she stays so gorgeous all the time!

Serena Williams

We’d give Serena Williams a Glam Slam title but with 23 Grand Slam ones, she probably doesn’t need it. Her skincare routine is short and sweet. And full of coconut oil! Her skin is between combination and dry skin. She loves to use Vitamin C serum and eye masks to get rid of dark under-eye areas. 

Liv Tyler

It’s safe to say that Liv’s skincare routine is elaborate. It has 25 steps and we loved every single one of them. She cleanses twice, exfoliates, masks twice, uses all kinds of oils and drops etc. The best part is that we could listen to her soothing voice for days. She said her routine makes her feel good on the inside which in turn makes her look good on the outside. She’s so right! Bonus points for sharing her everyday makeup look after her skincare. Thank you, Liv!