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3 Small Steps for Skincare, 1 Big Win for Self-love

Self-love begins with the skin you’re in. Did you know that great skincare starts with just three simple steps? Walk with us. 

Step 1: Protect your skin

The first step to achieving your skin-dreams is an obvious one. You have to protect your skin. It’s no secret - its enemy number one is the sun. And we’re exposed to it all the time. The sun wreaks havoc on your skin: premature aging, wrinkles and lines, discoloration and skin cancer. In other words, if your skin is Austin Powers, the sun is Dr. Evil. Thankfully, there’s sunscreen. This magical elixir is here to help. Don’t sleep on it. It’s a crucial part of any skincare regimen. Buz Luhrman made a whole song about it. Trust me, sunscreen is your friend. Unfortunately, there is another enemy your skin faces every day. It’s pollution. The air is filled with little particles that clog your pores, make your skin dry or cause inflammation. These tiny particles are called environmental pollutants. They break down collagen and make your skin age quicker. What a bummer. However, there are things you can do to protect your skin from the big city life. First and foremost - take care of it.

Step 2: Take care of your skin

Taking care of your skin may seem like a complicated task. However, it’s easy peasy lemon squeezy because it only consists of two parts. First, you have to cleanse your skin regularly to wash away all the pollution, oil, bacteria and sweat it accumulates during the day or night. Second, pamper it. After you clean it, feed it something healthy. Use a moisturizer, serums or toners and of course face masks. Let your skin live its best life and treat it to something special as often as you can!

Step 3: Most importantly, love your skin

Concentrate because this last step is crucial. Always and forever - love your skin. The prettiest glow comes from within. It’s not just a saying. In order to look amazing, you have to feel amazing. And you should! We’re all unique, so is our skin. Every mark, scar or freckle makes you you. There’s nothing more beautiful than that. Embrace your skin and watch it thrive! Wear it with confidence and glow from within every day. You got this, gorgeous!



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Benedetta Di Gloria 20/05/2020

Mi piace molto tenere la mia pelle pulita e luminosa e soprattuto naturale !!


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