Cheer yourself up with a healthy dose of positivity.

Self-isolation isn’t an easy thing to master and it can take a mental toll on all of us. Humans are social animals and social distancing doesn’t come easy. 

Stocking up on 5,000 rolls of toilet paper won’t help with anxiety or loneliness. As a result people are coming up with creative ways to fight boredom and connect with other human beings. The goal is to keep our spirits up.

Sing the blues away

The country suffering one of the biggest outbreaks is Italy. Thus its citizens have taken to singing and dancing on their balconies to lighten the mood.

Other countries soon followed suit. Albeit, less successfully.

Dance the germs away

Vietnam found a clever way to fight the virus. First The National Institute of Occupational and Environmental Health turned a Vietnamese pop hit into a song on coronavirus. Then they partnered up with choreographer Quang Dang and created a viral sensation – a dancing video. The video acts out the most important precautions we can take against infection – washing hands, not touching our face and avoiding crowded places.

Share your worries through comedy

People all over the world are turning to humor to cope with the consequences of self-isolation. Boredom, confinement and working from home impose their own kind of challenges. Maybe you’re working from home with a partner and hearing his “work-voice” for the first time?

Maybe you’re trying to deal with kids at the same time?

Or just have trouble adapting to the new lifestyle?

Maybe you’re not a great singer or you don’t feel like dancing, but you can always share your troubles online. Most importantly, you can find other people going through similar things.  The world feels more connected than ever and humor is an amazing coping mechanism!

Feel free to share whatever you want with us in the comments and take care <3