Fight anxiety, loneliness and boredom with FOREO’s social media challenges.

During these uncertain times it’s easy to give in to panic and anxiety. But the power of human spirit remains strong as people keep coming up with creative ways to fight boredom and connect with each-other. 

Time to lift up our spirits

Italy is singing on balconies, Vietnam is dancing the germs away and Instagram is filled with hilarious memes. Nothing like a sense of humor to cheer ourselves up while we self-isolate. FOREO wants to take part in spreading good vibes and giggles too. It’s time to overcome the negative thoughts and make it easier for ourselves to stay home. Let’s spread positivity all around the globe with a series of social media challenges!

#StayAtHome challenge

At FOREO we found a fun way to cope with the situation and keep ourselves busy. We started sending random challenge videos to each other! Then we thought – why not spread joy globally? Now the challenge is on you!

You’re probably spending a lot of time relaxing in front of the TV and binge watching your favourite shows. It’s time to add some flair to this beloved activity! Add something random from your house into the scenes on TV to spice things up and make sure you take lots of pics!

Share your photo on Instagram with the hashtag #stayathome and tag your local and global FOREO Instagram account.  Remember, we’re home and bored too. Hence we can’t wait to see and share your videos all around the world!

Next Up

Don’t forget to keep an eye out on our social media channels to see what challenges lay ahead. Feel free to share your challenge ideas with us in the comments. Together we’re unstoppable. Who knows what we can come up with next?