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Party Season: How to Get a Glowing Skin Before an Event?

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The holiday season is on and that means a looooot of parties you have to attend. And, of course, the parties you want to go to. Even though your first association with a big event might be having a great time, parties also mean a lot of eating, drinking, sleeping late, and other skin-ruining activities. To avoid or at least minimize breakouts and to be fresh like a daisy the day after a crazy party, you have to do some quality pre-party prep. Read to find out everything about skincare during party season. 

Exfoliate a few days before big events

If you want to prep your skin for the party properly, start with your skincare routine on time. You have to exfoliate at least 2-3 days before you go out. That way, your dead skin cells will be removed and the new ones will come to the surface. A gentle exfoliating scrub or a face mask containing AHAs and BHAs can do wonders for your skin. They’ll make sure all other ingredients in your products penetrate deep into the skin, bring out its natural radiance, and provide it with hydration.

Show some love to your eyes

The night before a big event pays special attention to your eyes. You should start by cleansing them thoroughly and then use a nourishing eye cream that’ll make sure the delicate area around them gets enough hydration and feels soft. Finally, apply a face mask that’s designed for tired eyes. It will help minimize dark circles and puffiness, so you wake up looking rested and refreshed! https://www.foreo.com/mysa/taking-care-of-your-eyes-with-iris-2/

Get your IRIS™ now!

Speaking of face masks that are designed for the eyes, the best you can use is definitely FOREO's Shimmer Freak eye mask. This caffeine-infused microfiber mask is just what you need to banish signs of fatigue in just 90 seconds. Formulated with fine light-reflecting particles, Shimmer Freak instantly diminishes the look of dark circles while UFO’s signature Cryo-Therapy refreshes the delicate skin around the eye contour and awakens tired eyes. [caption id="attachment_11763" align="aligncenter" width="923"] When paired with UFO™ device, Shimmer Freak becomes a smart face mask that instantly refreshes tired eyes, diminishes the appearance of fine lines around the eyes. and brightens eye contour with a hint of shimmer.[/caption]

A nourishing face mask is always a good idea

To make your skin soft and ready for the party, all you have to do is to pamper yourself. That shouldn't be hard, right? A nourishing face mask is your best ally. You can never go wrong with one of those! Not only will it make sure your skin is hydrated and feels amazing, but it’ll also give you a healthy glow before the party that no makeup product can ever match. Also, you don't have to worry about leaving a mask on too long – it’s always better to let it work its magic for longer than the recommended time.

Sheet mask or DIY face mask?

If you're in a rush and don't have much time to spare, opt for a sheet mask. It doesn’t require a lot of effort and it will make sure your skin gets all the nutrients it needs. But if you want to take things up a notch, try making your own face mask at home! It might seem like a daunting task but trust us – it will be worth it! Homemade masks are filled to the brim with natural ingredients, so you can be sure your skin will love them. Plus, they don’t cost a fortune and you can tailor them to suit your exact needs. https://www.foreo.com/mysa/which-face-masks-team-are-you-sheet-masks-or-diy-masks/

Supercharged facial

For the golden glow, you should probably try one of the FOREO's active masks. Whether you have dull skin, oily skin, or dry skin, there's something for everyone in FOREO’s face mask collections. You will find treatment for every skin condition you need, and you will finally be able to enjoy facial treatments in the comfort of your home. Each smart mask formula pairs with a unique UFO™ routine designed to ensure flawless skin for the entire day. https://www.foreo.com/mysa/foreo-helps-you-to-find-the-best-face-mask-for-your-needs/

Don’t forget about moisturizing

After the cleansing, exfoliating, and masking are done, the next step of your pre-party skincare is moisturizing. Don’t forget that skin needs to be well hydrated and nourished if you want it to look its best. So, apply a lightweight and fast-absorbing moisturizer onto your face and neck at least 1 hour before you go out.

Get ready for makeup application

When the moisturizing step is done, you can finally start applying makeup. But before you do, make sure to hydrate your skin even further with a primer or a face mist. That way, the makeup will stay in place for longer and you won’t have to worry about it smearing all over your face during the party. Finally, you’re ready for the night! With these simple tips, you will be able to prep your skin for any big event and enjoy a beautiful, glowing complexion that lasts all night. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and have fun!

Throw a skincare party with FOREO



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Neomi 15/12/2022

I'm not doing New Years this year, instead I'm staying in, having a drink and doing a looong skincare routine. By midnight, I'll be glowing :D

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Cali 15/12/2022

<p><span>The shimmer freak mask immediately refreshes my eye area. I can only recommend this mask</span></p>

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Aana SL 16/12/2022

I just had to look up foreo ufo 2 and I'm amazed by it and the variety of ufo masks. This is a great way to take care of my skin all year long!


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