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Review Roundup: FOREO ISSA mikro Baby Electric Toothbrush

Check out what parents have to say about the best new tool to get babies into brushing! Part of being a parent is knowing when to pick your battles, but when it comes to getting a squirmy baby to like brushing, it’s much too important to surrender. The ISSA mikro is one of the best electric toothbrushes for babies and toddlers, helping make their bedtime routine just that much more bearable with super soft silicone bristles, as well as a cute ‘Smile Helpers’  Glee & Glum that help reward your baby for doing their best!  

“[T]he biggest sell for me has been the fact that my kids now love brushing their teeth!"

"All the clever design features and benefits of the ISSA mikro baby toothbrush are reason enough to invest in it. But the biggest sell for me has been the fact that my kids now love brushing their teeth! I thought the mikro would be the trick for my son to start brushing willingly because he fought me tooth and nail… pun intended… every morning and night. [...]The thing is, he genuinely likes this toothbrush[…]It’s easy and fun to use, and he feels like a big kid because the little smiley face always rewards him for doing a good job.” Daily Mom pays special attention reviewing the gum massage mode of the ISSA mikro, so helpful and soothing for our toddlers during that sensitive teething period. They also include some great-looking close ups of the device inside too :)

“[My] daughter absolutely loves the Issa Mikro Toothbush so much that when she sees it she says, “ahhhhh” without ever being prompted (tell me that does not help create a love for brushing?).”

 In Kelly's review of the FOREO ISSA mikro, find out why it's so great at instilling good brushing habits in her kid.  

“My daughter loves to brush her teeth, like she’s obsessed with it. She will brush them first thing in the morning, after breakfast, after her afternoon snack, and after dinner.”

Marta McCue's daughter must be our cutest reviewer ever! Find out what special condition this toothbrush helped her with in their shared FOREO ISSA mikro review.  

"[ISSA mikro]  definitely has her interest in brushing her teeth way up."

“This toothbrush does not spray toothpaste at all! I was really impressed with this. I took it out of my mouth several times to test this, and couldn't get it to spray and make a mess. This was a fabulous surprise!” “I also have [my daughter] practice brushing after I'm done, and she did this for much longer than usual as well. Every time we've been in the bathroom today she's wanted to brush her teeth. The product definitely has her interest in brushing her teeth way up. This is always a positive!” Mama's Organized Chaos did a really thorough ISSA mikro review, explaining in detail all of the toothbrush's features and why her daughter loves brushing with it so much.

"Amelia loves seeing the little smiley face light up!"

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1eQEjkGDAdo For this dad, the struggle is real :) Check out how the ISSA mikro helps him out with his bedtime routine blues:

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