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Rituals: In Conversation with Beauty Creatives, Clary and Milka

Welcome to Rituals, a monthly stickybeak into the habits and practices used by women who inspire us. For this edition, we have the privilege of talking to two very creative ladies - Clary Riven and Milka Yemima - about the not-so-secret skin rituals behind their beautifully dewy, radiant skin. Hint: the UFO 2 may be involved (wink, wink).

What does your AM and PM skin ritual look like and how does UFO 2 and our range of masks work within your current routine?

“I try to keep my skin ritual as simple as possible and take it up a notch when I feel like my skin needs a little pampering. My AM routine consists of cleansing with a gentle cleanser, following with my vitamin c serum, moisturiser and sunscreen. My evening routine starts again with a gentle cleanser, a retinol serum and a moisturiser. I like to use a mask a few times a week with my UFO 2 when my skin needs some extra hydration and moisture.” -Milka Yemima   [caption id="attachment_9166" align="alignnone" width="819"]Clary with her UFO 2 (mint) Clary with her UFO 2 (mint)[/caption] “I honestly use [my UFO 2] whenever I want to pamper myself a little. Whether that’s before bed, before makeup or in the morning to ease myself into a big day.” - Clary Riven  

What other rituals do you incorporate into your life?

"My morning coffee and skincare routines are two morning rituals I really love to do. They're a really lovely bit of self care I do for myself daily no matter how busy life gets." - Clary Riven  "I love to wake up early and take a morning walk and watch the sun rise. I try to do this daily, if not a few times a week. This really helps kick my day off and really just gives me the chance to spend some time with myself in nature. I’m so incredibly grateful to have a bathtub and I take full advantage of this. Whether it be a tea bath with some of my favourite herbs and flowers or a bubble bath, this is another thing I try to include regularly. This just gives me time to rest and relax, one of my favourite ways to self care. Taking the time to care for my body and mind is something I’ve really invested in recently. I really try to dedicate a night a week to fully pampering myself. I do a mask treatment with my UFO2, exfoliate from head to toe and take the time to massage in my favourite body oils and butters. I do this while listening to soothing music. Mindfulness is something I’ve been practicing for a few years and it is absolutely a necessary ritual for me. I do get anxiety from time to time so taking the time to be still and just really ground myself has been such an important ritual for me. I practice this as often as I can." -Milka Yemima

What do you love about UFO 2?

Milka & UFO 2 (Mint) Milka with her UFO 2 (mint) “The UFO 2 has completely changed masking for me. I often found myself skipping [traditional] masking because it was such a tedious process but the UFO 2 has amazing functions to help me get the most out of my mask. The LED light treatment combined with Thermotherapy and Cryotherapy makes for such a luxurious masking experience and I always feel relaxed after masking with the UFO 2. I also love that there is a whole range of masks with different purposes and the UFO 2 is designed to help you get the most out of your treatment.” -Milka Yemima “I love my UFO 2! It feels so relaxing and like a bit of extra TLC. My skin afterwards feels juicy and plump, and I feel relaxed and pampered.” - Clary Riven  

What are the main benefits you have experienced whilst using UFO 2?

“Definitely plump and juicy skin as a result of hydration. I do struggle with hyperpigmentation and I do use some products that can really dry out my skin. I have tried so many masks looking for hydration and moisture and the UFO 2 has just revolutionised my skincare routine and really helped me bring moisture back to my skin.” -Milka Yemima  

What is your favourite mask to use with your UFO 2 and why?

“It’s hard to choose, but I have really been loving the Green Tea mask. This mask combined with the UFO 2 treatment just calms and relaxes my skin through the use  of LED, Thermo-therapy and Cryotherapy. The green tea mask purifies and refreshes my skin and always leaves me with the most amazing glow.” -Milka Yemima “The Açai mask! The glow and hydration are out of this world! I’m in love.” - Clary Riven   For more from Clary and Milka, follow their accounts at @claryriven.artistry and @milkayemima.  

Feeling Inspired?

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