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FOREO appeals to businesses Worldwide: Make products to last, not break fast!

FOREO goes against one of the common practices in the consumer electronics industry as the impact on our planet can no longer be ignored News of climate change, species becoming extinct, killing oceans by overfishing, polluting the planet, and many other assaults on the biosphere are flooding our small screens daily. Now, with 500 times more microplastics in our oceans than stars in our galaxy and landfills growing, we need to ask ourselves - where is all this waste coming from and are we a part of the problem? Calling for more urgency in sustainability, FOREO, a Swedish beauty-tech powerhouse just launched an environmental campaign named “Make It Last, Not Break Fast”, celebrating The Earth Day (April 22nd) by spotlighting one of the common malpractices in the consumer electronics industry.
FOREO is a customer-centric company and we strive to make durable high-quality products. Our customers recognize this and many of them have trusted in our brand from the very beginning. As a matter of fact, we’ve reached out to hundreds of our earliest customers for their feedback to make sure they still use our devices. It was truly an emotional moment for all of us here at FOREO to hear personal stories about how our hero product LUNA became a part of their lives. What really made it special, is that they all expressed their FOREO products still function flawlessly even after 8 years of use and still look as beautiful and clean as the new ones, with insane battery life. This means we succeeded, not only in meeting the needs of our customers, but also in preserving our planet by eliminating littering with e-waste  says Boris Trupcevic, FOREO CEO.
He continues:
The way companies need to take a stand is very simple - by making their products last as long as possible. This is prioritizing the environment and consumer interest over profits and it’s honestly much more effective than donations or acquiring certificates to hide behind. There is a downside maybe in the short term, but in the long run there is no other way. The awareness about the practices of intentionally making products break fast is growing, especially when governments force top manufacturers to stop the intentional downgrade of battery or device performance, being only one of the examples.

One time purchase, all time love

I have FOREO LUNA, the first one you launched in the year 2013. I was thinking 'how long have I had this' and then I found the receipt: 2013! I’ve had it for years and years and it’s as good as new. And a friend of mine who also has LUNA can say the same thing. It is PERFECT. Not even the bristles have moved, nor twisted; they’re all straight and the device still works wonderfully. [...] If you buy a device, it should last, we can’t be just replacing it every year. Maria, Spain
Yes, I'm still using my good old trusted combination-skin LUNA :) And come to think of it, it almost feels like I've barely charged it since I bought it. The battery life is INSANE still. I don't use it every day but 3-4 times/week maybe? It just elevates whichever cleanser you're using and I definitely feel like it makes a difference when it comes to removing heavy residue/SPF for example. I'll be using it 'til it dies on me - for sure! Michaela, Sweden
I have been facing skin issues since childhood, therefore, I bought LUNA to help me to get rid of all the dirt from my face. It has been gently nourishing my sensitive skin for 7 years now. :)  One day I noticed the Luna had disappeared from my bathroom and I was sadly looking for it for a couple of days. The end result was that I found my LUNA in the “little thief’s" bathroom - my 15-year-old daughter! Since I got addicted to the amazing soft bristles that cleanse all the dirt away and to my now soft baby skin, there was only one option left for me. To buy one more LUNA so both of us can continue our evening cleanse routines! P.S. My youngest daughter is now becoming a teenager so we will be happily expanding our LUNA family soon. :) Natasa, Croatia
I have many friends that use FOREO. I bought UFO from the crowdfunding website [pre-launch phase]. I was one of the earliest users. I like to use it in the evening, after shower. After 2 years of use [...] I even recommended it to my friend who runs a beauty salon. She was surprised UFO had a better effect than traditional hand massage. Use this for 15 minutes instead of 1-hour [spa treatment] and you get the same effect. Save money. Mary, UK
I already had my LUNA 2 when I got the email about UFO [Kickstarter launch]. I like the cooling technology in the morning a lot, and then at night, whenever I use the mask, I like the warming technology. It still looks great, operates just fine with proper cleaning, and charges just as fast as I remember in the beginning. It’s a device I never knew I needed. My husband saw me using it along with the app and he wanted to try it too! He now likes it too! Emily, Texas, USA
Yes, my wife and I still use the device daily. We might have to charge it more often than when it was brand new but it still does a great job cleansing our faces. It has become embedded in our morning routines and I can’t imagine showering without it. Bryan & Elisabeth, USA
I have been using FOREO LUNA for a couple of years now, and I am addicted to it! My skin texture has improved in a way that it's brighter, and it's got this slight glow to it. Another positive effect I noticed as a result from my daily LUNA routine, is that my pores started to appear smaller, and the blackheads are gone. The pulsations seem to stimulate blood flow which I believe is why the skin is more radiant. My LUNA still works perfectly, and I am excited to explore other products within FOREO’s portfolio! Kristina, USA  
I had the little one [LUNA play] and I was, I definitely want this [LUNA mini 2]. So when UFO was gonna come out, I was like, OK, I love face masks, this thing is gonna be cool. I finally got the [Kickstarter UFO] package in April of 2018. My friends would come over and they would always want to do a little face mask with UFO. [They’d scream:] ‘We are glowing!’ My skin always looked really good with it. I still use it. Andie, USA
I have my FOREO [LUNA] brush for 3 years now 🥰 It works like it was at the beginning 😍 If I buy a new one soon, it is only to have one at home and the other one for travel. But I think this one will serve me for a long time [to come]. Anna, Poland
I am so happy to know that not only does FOREO make the most amazing, innovative products but that they truly care about their customers and our planet! I have been telling all my friends about the great FOREO products I enjoy. I took this picture for you to see how [much] this 50 year old (!) woman loves the various FOREO devices [...] that I have used for so many years. Thank you again, FOREO! Amy Lane, USA
I bought UFO through Kickstarter in 2018. I was reaching a new decade in my life and thought I needed a real treat that would also help me keep my "youth". [UFO still looks] like new! I use it mostly in the evening for some "me time” or when I travel: it helps during long flights or after flights in a hotel to refresh the skin. A quality product with high performance. Clever design and all a woman can ask for. Agnes, Hungary
The original LUNA mini that I purchased in 2014 is still going strong in 2021! The longevity of this product, long uses between recharges and how amazing it makes my skin feel is also the reason I purchased ISSA and UFO 2! A leading brand in skincare that I trust with great customer service! Next on my list is BEAR! Charlotte Lee, Australia
I joined the Kickstarter campaign, I already had a FOREO product, I had Luna so I was really aware of the brand. It might have been something I saw on Social Media about the UFO kickstarter project and I had a look into what the device was and it seemed so cool and not like anything else that was available. When the product arrived it was super exciting, I never had anything like that before or the mask that was so quick to use and MESS FREE. And I was always into the skincare and into looking after my skin and it was because of the brand because I had a product from before, you had a lot of presence on Social media so I definitely wanted to try. The most of the time I use UFO as like night time pampering kind of thing as i really like it, I usually do it a few times as well as I like warming, ohh I really like the way it feels so I use it a few times as a pump session but it is a super good as well and I noticed such a difference with my skin afterwards. Bethany Stoneman, UK

Planned obsolescence must stop

According to the UN's Global E-waste Monitor 2020, a record 53.6 million tonnes of e-waste was produced in 2019 globally - up 21% in just five years. Data shows that this is a consequence of higher consumption rates of Electrical and Electronic Equipment, short life cycles of the products, and very limited repair options. Equally worrying is the fact that only 17.4% e-waste was collected and recycled.  Apart from electronics, one of the hardest materials to recycle is plastic. Plastic toothbrushes, for instance, take over 400 years to decompose in landfills which means every plastic toothbrush ever created since their invention in the 1930’s - still exists. It is estimated that 3.6 billion plastic toothbrushes are used worldwide every year, while an average person will go through 300 in their lifetime. As a direct response to these alarming numbers, a new kind of manufacturer is on the rise led by pioneers such as FOREO whose existing range of high-tech devices, such as ISSA electric toothbrush, are designed for durability and longevity – providing reusable, hygienic, long-lasting solutions that can reduce consumption of personal care disposables such as plastic toothbrushes and wipes, making the brand a greener alternative. But where does all this waste actually come from?
I don’t think the majority of people are even aware of something called planned obsolescence. Sure, we’ve all noticed the products we buy are not what they used to be and tend to break down more quickly, but the fact that many brands you trust are actually purposely limiting the lifespan of their products so you can return and buy more is outrageous. It’s time to change this says Trupcevic
He continues:
In FOREO, our mission is to deliver the highest quality of products that will serve our customers for years to come. Our idea is to produce less products that last longer, thus not putting additional stress on the environment and still we’re seeing significant growth in our business. Many of our loyal customers started with a LUNA and once they assured themselves of the quality and efficiency of our product now own a UFO, BEAR, ISSA and often - the whole FOREO family of products that will serve them for years!

Cartel started it, we should stop it

In the high-tech industry, the limited lifespan of digital devices is generally driven by innovation rather than the result of malfunction, however, many manufacturers are not above using other methods, such as planned obsolescence. This practice goes back to 1924 when the meet-up of the main manufacturers of light bulbs in Geneva gave birth to the Phoebus cartel. They needed new customers and as their light bulbs were lasting too long, they all agreed to re-engineer their bulbs so they would burn out after no more than 1000 hours, as opposed to the 1,500 or 2,000 hours that had been the norm until then. The cartel fined those who manufactured products with a longer life and suddenly, business was booming again. Soon after that, other businesses recognized this lucrative tactic which is still in force and going strong today.  Overconsumption directly leads to overproduction and mercilessly turns our oceans and fields into mountains of toxic waste. Fueled by consumer culture, the planned obsolescence not only causes irreversible damage to our planet, it ultimately fails to meet real human needs and leads to increased dissatisfaction which has been shown to cause an epidemic of depression and heightened social conflict. 

With new evidence popping up daily we can no longer ignore the reality: our planet is in crisis. Not everything is dark though, as we can decide today to make a difference and lead by example. Building long-lasting high-quality products, swapping hazardous and toxic components for greener and eco-friendly options as well as reviving the repair culture can turn things around big time and color our planet blue and green as it once was, and as only the oldest generations remember it today.

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