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Rituals: in conversation with beauty businesswoman, Karla Roccuzzo

In today's Rituals catch up, we are taking a sticky beak into the holistic routines of beauty businesswoman, Karla Roccuzzo. With two businesses to compliment her work as a makeup artist and creative director, rituals play a crucial role in providing a moment of pause in Karla's wonderfully busy life. In addition to rituals, we've also got Karla's run down on how to achieve the perfect makeup application.

To kick us off, do you mind sharing the rituals that you incorporate daily, weekly and/or monthly that you use to enrich your life? We have a feeling that your brand, Kynder, may play a part in this (wink, wink).

I love this! There are so many important routines in my life that help my self care routine. One of the biggest reasons I started my brand Kynder, was to help others do the same. Every night, I light a candle that is scented to help me relax. My favourite is 'Sleeping Beauty' because it is infused with Lavender, Patchouli, Clary Sage and Black Amber. These are all scents that help the mind relax and unwind!

We are dying to know what your daily skincare routine looks like and how does your AM and PM routine differ?

To wake up, I wash my face with a light cleanser and apply a gel moisturiser to wake up my skin. I avoid wearing makeup to the office, just so my skin can breathe. At night, I jump in the shower and reapply my cleanser but give my skin a beautiful massage with my LUNA 3. It helps activate my cleanser and bring it deeper into my pores. My skin feels so clean as I've washed away the dirt in my skin from the day. I move onto a heavier hydrating balm for my skin at night time.

How do you FOREO?

My LUNA 3 changed my whole skincare routine. For so many years, I've struggled with the most sensitive skin and I would need to be so careful with what I used on my face because I was afraid of flaring up my skin! The reason my LUNA 3 works so well for me is because of its gentle silicone fibres. They don't irritate my skin and they allow my cleanser to do its job efficiently. I use my LUNA 3 in conjunction with my cleansers in the shower - my favourite thing about it is that it is waterproof! [caption id="attachment_9669" align="alignnone" width="300"] LUNA 3 range, tailored to every skin type[/caption]

What skin care tips and tricks do you use with yourself and clients to prep the skin for makeup?

Primer! Primer is EVERYTHING. Prepping the skin for makeup will change the way it sits, looks and lasts all day. It's important for me to build a barrier between the skin and the makeup to stop clogged pores and patchiness. I love a good skin consultation before starting the makeup and finding out any concerns my client has before proceeding in choosing the right primer for them.

The beauty and skincare industry can oftentimes be an intimidating and confidence diminishing place. How do you navigate this in order to develop confidence within yourself and help your clients do the same?

I totally agree! It is such a crazy place and I often feel that working in the beauty industry will definitely force you to grow thicker skin. My biggest belief is bringing out the best of someone's features and not trying to change them. I don't want to change the way my clients look, I just want to enhance their beauty. I do this by finding out my clients' concerns and properly matching shades of eyeshadows to suit the colour and shape of their eyes. I think the biggest thing I've learnt working as a makeup artist is that you will always be remembered by how you made your client feel. For myself, I guess over the years I've learnt what styles suit me and I like to incorporate that style in the different looks I do! It could be the shaping of eyeshadow that I create or an outfit!   Loved our catch up with Karla Roccuzzo? Visit her website, here or check out her candle company, Kynder and and makeup brush reviver products, With Karla.

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