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A Bright Star in FOREO Constellation: Meet Patricia Bright

Patricia Bright
All you ever wanted to know about YouTube star Patricia Bright!

Who is Patricia Bright? Having started her career as an accounting and finance student who then spent a number of years in the corporate world of investment banking, Patricia always found it hard to shake her passion to pursue creative activities, especially in the world of fashion and beauty. There came a point where she had to make the choice to either continue the Rat Race or do what she loved. Patricia Bright chose the latter, and so far it’s been the best roller coaster journey ever! Inspiring, motivating and helping others daily – let's meet Miss Bright.

Walk me through the step-by-step process that you went through to get to where you are today. What was the first thing you did? And the next?

It all started in my university bathroom. I would film natural hair tutorials, beauty and lifestyle videos as a hobby and in secret whilst trying to earn my finance degree. After I graduated I started working in the finance sector full time - I still continued to blog and film YT videos, however, at this point I was gaining more notoriety and traction. After a few years of balancing my real working life and my online creative life, I decided to fully commit to creating by quitting my city job and I haven’t looked back since!

Is being an influencer your only job? Describe a usual day in the life of Patricia Bright!

I would actually say being an online content creator is my second job. My first job is being a mother to my beautiful daughter Grace. She’s an amazing two-year-old, who is constantly teaching me things about myself. A typical day for me starts with prepping her for nursery and making sure she’s ready to conquer her day. Following that, I typically go through my planner and work on the things scheduled for that day. That could be anything from meeting brands to planning posts, shooting content and filming videos.

Patricia Bright

What has been the most exciting moment since you became an influencer and what was the most terrifying?

It’s weird because I feel like every opportunity I’ve been given/come across remains exciting. There’s not a moment where I’m not excited by creating new & fresh content to share with my audience. But the moment that has made me feel on edge, so to speak, would be the release of my book. This makes me anxious as it’s my unapologetic truth which has been written from my heart.

How did you discover your love for beauty and makeup products? What is the funniest situation you can remember from your beginnings?

From a young age, I’ve always been interested in looking presentable especially when it comes to all things hair. My channel actually started off as a hair channel and within that, I began to incorporate my style sense and beauty looks as a way to express myself. I remember filming a wet eye look using Vaseline as the shadow thinking it was a great glam moment but it wasn’t! But earlier this year that wet eye look became a fashion trend so maybe I was just ahead of my time!

What is your favorite beauty or skincare trick that always works?

In terms of beauty or skincare tricks I don’t think I can suggest one as what works for me may not work for another - we all have different skin wants and needs. However, I would say my use of a glycolic wash/cleanser is an important habit of mine. I use one every day without fail in tandem with a night cream. I'm a huge fan of night creams. Patricia Bright

How do you take care of your skin during long cold winter?

During the transition into winter, I mainly aim to maintain the hydration and moisture in my skin to avoid dryness. I love a great serum and moisturizer during the winter as my skin tends to get dry due to the season.

Which FOREO product would you recommend to everyone and why?

I would recommend the UFO - it’s my favorite go-to product to use on my skin especially when I know my skins needs that vibrant and fresh cleanse. It’s great because it tailors to my sensitive skin leaving it brighter and cleaner.

What is your favorite way to celebrate Christmas?

To be amongst my family and friends. I really appreciate this time of year, I get to reflect on what I’m thankful and grateful for as well giving back and remembering what the true meaning of Christmas is about.

Your plans for 2019? Reveal your biggest wishes for the future!

In 2019 I plan to travel more and create real memories with my loved ones. I also hope to continue spreading love and light around the world, bringing a positive, candid and informative narrative to all the content I produce.  

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