Rituals: with Mother & Co-Founder of Sand & Sky, Sarah Hamilton

May 7, 2021 • FOREO Newswire

This Mother’s Day we have the absolute pleasure of chatting to Sarah Hamilton, mother and Co-Founder of the home grown, Australian cult skin care brand, Sand & Sky. We’ve chosen to partner with Sand & Sky this Mother’s Day to champion this local, female-led brand that incorporates botanical ingredients, unique to Australia’s flora and fauna, into each of their beautiful skin care products. With Mother’s Day quite literally at our doorstep, Sarah generously shares her advice about all things career, motherhood and, of course, skincare.

It wouldn’t be a skin care brand collaboration without a bit of an office product swap! Later in the piece, Sarah shares her insights into incorporating FOREO LUNA 3 and UFO 2 into her speedy skincare routine. Spoiler alert: the feeling is mutual over at FOREO Australia HQ. 💞

What is the best motherhood advice you’ve received?

“To ask your children questions, find out what interests them and really listen. It’s important to allow your kids to have a voice. Also, ignore the “juggling” guilt that comes with parenthood – make sure your kids are surrounded by people who love and care for them and it will all work out.”

What are the tips and tricks that you use to juggle the many facets of your lives – career, motherhood and family etc.?

“I think it is really important to be present, work is fairly intense but you need to close the door on work when you get home and focus on the time you are spending together as a family.”

What rituals do you include in your day and/or week to ensure that you fit a little bit of self care into your busy life?

“I really love to exercise and have had the same personal trainer for five years. He makes me lift weights that I would never do on my own and now that I have finally, it’s encouraging me to do even more. Exercise is so good for your mental health and I find it helps get me in the right headspace for work each day.”

How did your beauty routine change after becoming a mother?

“It definitely had to get faster and I now have to take my makeup off earlier before I fall asleep.”

What has motherhood taught you about business and vice versa?

“I’ve learnt that you don’t need to be the last one in the office to be effective at your job. Time out with family is also so important, not just for perspective but it allows for fresh thinking around work. Kids are a great distraction and certainly bring you back down to earth when you walk in the door at the end of the day.”

How was your experience using FOREO LUNA 3 to cleanse and prep your skin as well as UFO 2 to infuse your two signature Sand & Sky serums?

“I have never felt clean skin until now! I am quite embarrassed about my nightly routine as it’s usually quite quick and simple, but I just can’t get over how easy the LUNA 3 is to use and how effective it is at cleansing your skin.”

Sarah Hamilton using the LUNA 3 for the ultimate cleanse.

“I love serums and face oils so the UFO 2 brings a new dimension to this favourite step in my skincare routine. It allowed better penetration of these precious drops, plus my skin looked and felt so supple after use. I am officially addicted.”

Sarah Hamilton using UFO 2 to infuse the serums that she already loves deeper into her skin.


Sand & Sky x FOREO

At FOREO Australia HQ, we absolutely love the Sand & Sky serums and infusing them with our UFO 2. Speaking from personal experience as the Digital Marketing Coordinator at FOREO Oceania, I am genuinely obsessed with the Porefining Face Mask as a weekly cleanse for my clogged pores.

Has this article got you thinking about the new ways you can incorporate FOREO skin care devices with the products that you love? Then head over to our website and check out Sand & Sky’s gorgeous range of products while you are at it.

~ Imogen Kerr ~

Digital Marketing Coordinator at FOREO Oceania

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