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Skin Refresh: Winter Sports Skincare

Because skincare's snow joke... Skiing, snowboarding, sledding - nothing makes our hearts soar like fun-filled winter sports in pristine mountain settings! They’re also fantastic exercise, with skiing ticking a sled-load of boxes in terms of endurance and resistance training. But while spending days on end moving between glorious sunshine and cozy chalets may be good for the soul, it can be disastrous on the skin. Protection, hydration, and cleansing are absolute musts when it comes to keeping skin its healthy best both on and off the slopes. Read on to find out how to best care for skin on your next trip - and why a LUNA facial brush is just the thing for ensuring your regimen doesn’t go off-piste.

Prioritize Sunscreen

It makes sense that the higher you go, the greater your exposure to UV radiation. After all, at the top of a mountain there’s a whole lot less of the earth’s atmosphere to block the sun’s harmful rays. The difference is significant: exposure increases around 5% for every 1,000 feet above sea level. But that’s not all lovers of winter sports need to think about: the snow they’re skiing, boarding, or tobogganing along is a reflector like no other, bouncing back almost all of those harmful rays. For this reason, proper sun protection is essential when hitting the slopes! We’re talking a high SPF - for your skin’s sake, at least 30 - and if, like us, a faceplant in the snow is a common occurrence, waterproof. And remember: even the very best protective layers need time to take hold, so slather up before you leave your hotel. Don’t take any chances, with Piz Buin’s no-nonsense Mountain range.

Protect Those Peepers

It’s not only your skin that needs protection from mountain conditions! Shades aren’t just for show, they also prevent damage to the eye’s clear outward-facing surface - or cornea - from scratches, the sun’s rays, and dryness. According to New York Oculoplastic Surgeon, Jessica Lattman MD, "The sunglasses protect the eyes from wind, blowing debris, snow and ice. They decrease evaporation of the tears on the surface of the eye. The eyes will feel less irritated and get less red if you keep sunglasses on." Also important: wearing shades makes you much less likely to squint in all that glorious sunshine, which can help reduce the onset of wrinkles, lines, and in particular, crow’s feet.

Hydration, Hydration, Hydration!

There’s nothing like crisp mountain air! But ski resorts’ high altitude is also super drying on any kind of skin. Plan accordingly, with a moisturizer rich in ultra-hydrating hyaluronic acid to properly quench skin both before and after a day on the slopes. As with most things in life, when it comes to staying hydrated it’s also what’s going on inside that counts. Drinking plenty of water not only helps those muscles and joints work better, it also helps keep skin moist. We’d never say never to an après-ski tipple or two - but for your skin’s sake, balance out skin-sapping alcohol with lots of water.

Pucker Up

By now, you already know two of the most important approaches to complexion perfection: sunscreen and hydration. And yet, season on season, snowsport enthusiasts betray one particular telltale sign of a winter well spent: dry, cracked lips. Keep lips kissable on and off the slopes with a quality balm. It may be aimed predominantly at men, but we’ve yet to find anyone who doesn’t love Jack Black’s Intense Therapy Lip Balm SPF 25: cramming petrolatum for a protective barrier to lock in moisture, conditioning shea butter, and some serious sun protection into ultra classic packaging, this one really puts its money where the mouth is.

Keep it Clean

Although a fabulous treat for mind, body and soul, a ski or snowboard trip can really put your skin through its paces. Not only must it contend with that constant shifting between ultra dry, cold air outside, and the all round cozier warmth of inside your chalet or lunch spot, it’s also spending most of the day slathered in all-important sunscreen (we hope!). It doesn’t matter whether your sun cream of choice is non-comedogenic (meaning it won’t block pores), physical (sitting on the skin), or chemical (absorbed by the skin): a proper cleanse before bed is essential for helping restore skin’s natural balance and preventing breakouts. In other words, make sure your skin also gets a well-deserved break!

Skin Refresh, with LUNA

Whether you’re skiing, snowboarding, or just tagging along for the après-ski, the combination of crisp mountain air and glorious sunshine makes winter sports skincare snow joke (sorry…!). Because now is not the time to go off-piste with your routine, a LUNA facial cleansing brush is an absolute must for your next trip. The devices remove 99.5% of dirt and oil – including makeup residue and sunscreen – making them just the thing for your twice-daily washup. Unlike traditional cleansing brushes, they’re made from soft, ultra-hygienic silicone making them gentle on sun-kissed, wind-swept skin. Also good to know: the brushes have been shown to improve absorption of skincare products - including moisturizer - helping skin lock in moisture both on and off the slopes. Get the most from the slopes! For skincare at altitude - not to mention some serious attitude - FOREO has you covered.

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