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Take Care of Your Eyes and Upgrade Your Routine With IRIS™ 2

Two female models in a bad using FOREO IRIS eye massager on their faces

Did you know that the skin around the eyes is the thinnest and most delicate skin on the human body? It is also one of the first places to show signs of aging. Research shows that 45% of people think a beautiful smile can defy aging’s effects, while 34% believe the eyes are the source of a youthful appearance. That’s just some of the reasons why you should take more care of your eyes. And that’s where IRIS™ 2 will help! 

Inspired by ancient beauty techniques in Asia

IRIS™ 2 has you covered on both fronts. FOREO’s ophthalmologist-approved rejuvenating eye massager delivers gentle massage to the eye area, enhancing eye contour radiance and giving you a beautiful reason to smile. And here’s what else you should know about IRIS™ 2. IRIS™ 2 is a non-invasive, quick, effective, and ultra-hygienic eye massaging device inspired by ancient finger-tapping lymphatic drainage techniques practiced in Asia. The finger-tapping acupressure motion increases lymphatic drainage, helping to reduce the appearance of dark circles and refresh & depuff tired eyes. It also helps relax tension in facial muscles, caused by eye strain from screens and small print. Built to fit the eye contour perfectly, IRIS™ 2 also enhances the efficacy of your eye care cosmetics by increasing the absorption of the active ingredients, pushing them deep into your skin where they work best. https://www.foreo.com/mysa/eyes-exercises-that-will-improve-vision-and-relieve-digital-eye-strain/

Show your smile lines proudly

FOREO’s rejuvenating eye massager is clinically proven to be 3.5 times more effective at reducing under-eye bags, brighten dark circles by 70%, reduce the appearance of crow’s feet & fine lines by 43%, and help firm skin under the eyes by 51% for an overall younger look. Besides that, here are some customer-reported benefits:

  • 84% refreshed-looking eye contour
  • 80% firmer & more elastic-looking eye contour
  • 72% improved eye-skin texture
  • 72% erased signs of fatigue
  • 80% smoother & softer eye contour
  • 76% brighter & illuminated eye contour

IRIS™ 2 is made to show that having smile lines is not a bad thing. We’re just smoothing them out so you can make room for some more.

What is the technology behind IRIS™ 2?

T-Sonic™ pulsations

These T-Sonic™ pulsations gently massage the eye area to relieving strained eyes, while increasing the absorption of creams, serums, and essences - thus enhancing their efficacy. Also, when directed onto the eye area, T-Sonic™ pulsations help improve blood flow, which helps reduce eye strain and relieve dry, tired eyes while reducing puffiness and the appearance of dark circles - for fresh, clear & energized eyes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gwoek54mV4M


Acupressure is often called acupuncture without needles. It involves the application of manual pressure (usually with the fingertips) to specific points on the body. According to the principles of traditional Chinese medicine, invisible pathways of energy called meridians flow within the body. At least 14 internal pathways are thought to connect our organs with other parts of the body. Acupressure points lie along those meridians. If the flow of energy (also called "chi") is blocked at any point on a meridian, it's thought to cause various symptoms and health conditions anywhere along the meridian.

How does it work?

The eyes are literally surrounded by acupuncture points. These points can be stimulated using acupressure to relieve eye strain. Acupressure massage used for eye strain is a simple and effective means to help move blood and oxygen to the tissues in and surrounding the eyes. Massaging the acupressure points for the eyes is a technique you can use at home and on a daily basis.

How to use IRIS™ 2?

For first-time use, unlock your device by pressing down the + and - buttons together. The indicator light will then flash to indicate that your device is unlocked. 1. Start with a clean and dry face. Then apply dots of any eye care products of your choice around your eyes, if desired. 2. Press the universal button to turn on IRIS™ 2. You can adjust the intensity with the + and - buttons. To deactivate T-Sonic™ massage, press the universal button once more. 3. Gently press IRIS™ 2 under the inner corner of your eye, and glide under and around the eye contour for 30 seconds. Then repeat on the opposite eye.

Get your IRIS™ 2 now!



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