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Talking Sheet: Mask Survey Results Are In!

Masking was all the rage in 2017, but were the goopy cold skincare treats also rage-inducing?

Here’s what you had to say in our Talking Sheet Mask Survey:

Pampering Priorities

You guys take your skincare seriously - only a third of survey participants said they use masks to relax or pamper themselves, while most view them as a necessary hydration tool. Oh, and just 1 person admitted to using them for selfie-snapping purposes, so they win the honesty award.

Almost Somewhat Counts

A scant 25% of people were totally happy with the hydration effects of the sheet masks that they use, while 70% said it only somewhat works. I mean, sheet masks definitely get your face somewhat wetter?

Who Has the Time?

65% of people are using their masks for 15 minutes plus - as you’re generally directed to - but 50% can only get around to using a sheet mask once a month or less. (One respondent masks every day; we can only assume it’s the selfie-loving honest Abe out there.)

A Fit for Whose Lifestyle?

Around 65% of folks find that their mask of choice is too small or too big for their face, so it’s no surprise that over 3/4 spend their sheet masking time ‘watching Netflix and trying not to move.’   Sheet masks are bringing something to the table, though they aren’t without their flaws. The ‘cold, sticky feeling’ and ‘awkward size and shape’ are the major downsides people listed, but does that mean we’re stuck with a substandard experience? Not if FOREO has anything to say about it….so check out our countdown to the demise of traditional sheet masks and stay tuned!  

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