The Oprah Magazine celebrates the best in beauty with FOREO’s BEAR device.

We’re blushing! Thank you, Oprah! Do we get a car too?

The awards

Each year The Oprah Magazine publishes a prestigious list of beauty products that everyone wants to be on. That list is called “Beauty O-Wards” and it’s a really big deal. The thing is, these products don’t just earn a seal of approval. They are the cream of the crop. Amongst hundreds of high-end, high-quality products these are the ones that stand out the most. 

This year beauty editors Brian Underwood and Erin Stovall picked out the best of the best in skincare, hair, body & cosmetics. They covered everything from concealers, eyeliners and lip glosses to oils, creams, serums and peels. But we were excited about a certain category called “Best Facial Tool”. Can you guess who won? Our very own BEAR device! We’re so happy and proud.

The mighty BEAR

BEAR™ belongs to our new microcurrent range of beauty-tech. Microcurrent lifts, tones, firms, tightens and brightens your skin. These devices level up your skincare routine— delivering professional results from the comfort of your home. In other words, it’s spa-luxury at your fingertips. BEAR also features a patented Anti-Shock System™ for the safest and most innovative treatment available, helping you to workout your face muscles so that you may age gracefully and most importantly, face your individuality.

Thank you, O & thank you, Megan Rapinoe!

Awards like these mean a lot to us. We put a lot of energy, ideas and hours into our beloved devices and it feels good to be recognized! Thank you O magazine, we can’t wait to try the other goodies from this year’s list!

While we were drunk with happiness because of BEAR’s success, we noticed one of our dear friends was in O magazine too! None other than Megan Rapinoe — soccer superstar, activist & all-around awesome gal! She was interviewed as a part of the 2020 O visionaries. When asked about the most important thing for her mental health, she replied: “Self-care. I’m really into home spa days. I’m a brand ambassador for the Swedish company FOREO – they make silicone facial-cleansing brushes and a little device called the UFO that you run over your face while you’re wearing a sheet mask. Love them!”

Aww Megan, you’re making us blush! We love you too!