Summer skin is in.

For most of us summertime means fun times. But our skin often doesn’t feel the same way. The sun and the heat can take their toll and it’s on us to try to help our skin out. That’s why we assembled some essential summertime skincare tips. Keep your skin happy and healthy all summer long, no matter your skin type.

1. Go easy on your skin

Going easy doesn’t mean skipping your routine! It means tweaking it according to new weather conditions like heat or humidity. For instance, if you use heavier, oil-based cleansers maybe it’s time to try out a gentler version like a foaming one. Most importantly, be careful with photoactive ingredients. These ingredients react when exposed to sunlight – either making your skin more sun-sensitive or making the product itself less effective.

2. Don’t skip the moisturizer

On the other hand, don’t forget to moisturize regularly. Since we tend to get oily and sweat more during the hot summer months, we’re tempted to skip on moisturizer. But this doesn’t help our skin. As a matter of fact, it only makes things worse. Our skin is already feeling a bit stressed and now we’re denying it nourishment and a layer of protection against pollutants, irritation and dryness. Plop on the moisturizer.

Even though is hot and sometimes you feel like a moisturizer is too heavy for your face, don’t forget to use it! It’s essential.

3. Sunscreen is your BFF

You should wear sunscreen all day, every day, all year round. Especially during the summer months when the days are longer and UV rays are stronger. Sunscreen minimizes UV damage like wrinkles, spots and other aging signs. More importantly, it decreases your risk of skin cancers and skin precancers. Stay safe and don’t forget about sunscreen.

Even on cloudy days, our skin is susceptible to the sun’s rays which can lead to skin cancer, discoloration, and wrinkles over time. Don’t be lazy and remember that sunscreen is definitely your BFF. Include it in your everyday skincare routine and you won’t experience signs of prematurity like hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, etc. Also, sunscreen will keep your skin tone even and smoother. Really, there is no valid reason why you shouldn’t listen to this advice, right?

4. Exfoliate Thoroughly

The key to avoid any nasty breakouts during the summer is to properly cleanse all the dead skin cells, oil, sweat, and sunscreen that accumulates on your face during the day. Gentle exfoliation is a life-saver here. And the best of the best at getting rid of all the gunk without stressing out your skin is LUNA 3. Cleanse your face for a minute and glow for the whole day!

5. Adjust your makeup accordingly

If your summer months get extremely hot or you tend to sweat a lot, think about ways to adapt your makeup. Lighter is better. Swap your foundation for a tinted moisturizer and a dab of concealer. Think about switching to waterproof mascara and stock up on the setting spray. Above all, pay attention to the labels and reach for the non-comedogenic products. They are formulated without pore-clogging ingredients – a skin-saver!

For example, you could try a BB cream or tinted moisturizer. Foundation won’t let your skin breathe, and it can cause you to feel hot and sticky. The fewer layers on your face, the better.

6. Hydrate like there’s no tomorrow

Staying hydrated is vital for your health and your skin. Drink as much water as possible and replace a sweaty mess with a healthy glow. Aim for at least eight glasses of water a day. Ten if you’re spending your days in the sun. Hydrated skin is happy skin.

Water is sooo important, not just because it will keep your skin beautiful and complexion flawless. More important, water helps your body to keep a normal temperature. It protects your spinal core and other sensitive tissues. After all, water is what keeps you alive, especially during hot days. So, drink it even when you think you are not thirsty. 

7. Go the extra mile

Take good care of your skin: minimize sun exposure, eat lots of summer fruits and think about your whole body. Plop on body lotions or creams and exfoliate with amazing body scrubs. Treat your skin to something special – facials, masks, all the extra-pampering! Especially if you end up staying in the sun for a long period of time or getting a sunburn. 

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What are your favorite treatments? How do you treat your skin during the summer? What are your summer skincare tips and tricks? Talk to us in the comments!

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