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FAQ™ 101 vs FAQ™ 102

A photo showing FAQ 102 devices with full spectrum of LED lights turned on

FAQ™ Swiss launched 100 collection to bring the most powerful fusion of professional and at-home beauty directly to your home. Most questions our potential customers have are headed towards finding out the differences between FAQ™ 101 and FAQ™ 102. In this blog, learn about the technologies and performances that are in common for both devices and, more importantly, about their differences.

What Do Both Devices - FAQ™ 101 and FAQ™ 102 Have in Common?

The base of technology for both devices is radio frequency and LED light therapy. Radio frequency (RF) is used to create safe levels of low-frequency electromagnetic waves to generate heat in deep layers of skin to help boost collagen and elastin production.  Both devices also have LED (light-emitting diode) light therapy, which is a non-invasive treatment that enters the skin’s layers to improve the skin, but not both of them have a full LED light spectrum. Both devices feature technologies unique to FAQ and FOREO - T-Sonic™ massage, and they are both App connected.   

What Is the Difference Between FAQ™ 101 and FAQ™ 102?

While FAQ™ 102 combines the power of five different technologies (RF, EMS, LED, T-Sonic™ massage, and Anti-Shock System™), FAQ™  101 entails RF, LED (but with a more narrow spectrum of LED lights), T-Sonic™ massage, but no Anti-Shock System™.  

FAQ™ 102 Features Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS), FAQ™ 101 Doesn't

Often referred to as a "natural" facelift, electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) is a non-invasive way to firm skin and define facial features. When applied to the face and neck, the FAQ™ 102 emits low-voltage electrical currents that mirror your body's electrical currents on a cellular level. This technique has a toning effect that helps to firm sagging skin - resulting in a tight, firm, lifted complexion.   

FAQ™ 102 Features Full Spectrum LED Lights, While FAQ™ 101 Features Only Red, Green & Blue LED Light

LED light therapy adds maximum power to any skin rejuvenation treatment. Pulsed LED lights, in particular, have been shown to penetrate the deeper layers of the dermis, enhancing the individual qualities and unique skin benefits of each light color in the most effective way possible. FAQ™ 102 features eight different LED lights, while FAQ™ 101 features red, green & blue LED lights.   

FAQ™ 102 Features Anti-Shock™ System, While FAQ™ 101 Doesn’t 

Another feature that FAQ™ 102 has is Anti-Shock™ System. As well as being effective, certain anti-aging technologies such as EMS and RF are known to be a little uncomfortable on the skin - specifically in terms of the sharp shock or heat people can sometimes feel when these technologies first come into contact with their skin. Anti-Shock System™ is an innovative integrated system that scans your skin and very slightly adjusts the electrical currents and heat so that they won’t shock you when the device comes into contact with your skin.     

Which One to Buy - FAQ™ 102 or FAQ™ 101?

Let's put it very simply and directly. If you are looking into a comprehensive anti-aging treatment that will cover all your concerns with RF, EMS, and full spectrum LED, you shouldn't think twice - FAQ™ 102 is the device that fits your needs. On the other hand, if your needs are not heavily focused on tightening your skin but more on reducing wrinkles and brightening skin, then FAQ™ 101 is the one you're looking for. In both cases, you will provide yourself with clinical anti-aging treatments that can be performed at home entirely safe and with the unique concentrated power of the most advanced technologies that will rejuvenate your face and neck non-invasively.     





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Farah Lam 02/03/2023

Sounds promising and reliable, I'll have to consider it!

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Mohammed Fatma 06/03/2023

How I can get it


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