Educational bite-sized beauty bits have found their hub in the world of TikTok. From fashion finds to DIY projects – we can now find digestible content all over the platform. Booming are  TikTok beauty trends that seem to have a chokehold on the TikTok consumer and have transformed the way in which we interact with beauty. We’re here to break down the hot TikTok beauty trends worth keeping in your routine and some of the trends that are worth leaving behind.


If you’re wanting a DIY haircut or a heatless curl TikTok is the place to find your mini tutorial. Folks have found a few clever ways to form the viral heatless curls hack. Using everything from rollers to unconventional materials like T-shirts, lulu lemon leggings, and long socks TikTok users are coming up with creative and non-damaging ways to create the 90’s bouncy blowout curl. This tops the list of must-try styles because it’s simple, easy, and best yet doesn’t cause any damage to your hair. Finding the best heatless curl that works for you will shave hours off your life with your curler and is a trend we encourage keeping in your routine. 

DIY haircuts – now this is something we hardly recommend. From creating curtain bangs to the butterfly haircut the home-style cut results have been looking amazing. However, for anything relating to scissors and hair, we recommend leaving it with the professionals to execute so you’re not left with major hair regrets. 

90s trends are back to play and are taking up a large space in the hairtok styling game. If it’s a slick back bun or mini butterfly clips holding your fringe in place we are here for the super cute trend. Some of the products used to create these slick-back looks are absolute game changers and have elevated the way in which we look into haircare products and hair care routines. Where the 90’s trend might eb and flow, the styling products are here to stay. 


If skinminalism had a hub it would be on Tiktok. Brands have the ability to explode on the platform and showcase their killer-performing formulas or facial tools. Whether it be for an all-natural look, glass skin, or remedies claiming to heal skin conditions, you’ll find it all on skintok

At-home salon treatments are booming on skintok and at the forefront is dermaplaning. Dermaplaning involves a sharp small razor that removes all ‘facial fluff’ for a smooth application of skincare and makeup. If done correctly, this can be an excellent form of at-home self-care. But do be warned, this process does involve a sharp blade. If you choose to do this at home, take the utmost care. After all, we can’t have you slipping and shaving half of your eyebrow off.

Skin cycling is a trend that flooded the fyp for a while. Skin cycling is using your products strategically to maximize results. The term ‘skin cycling’ was invented by New York dermatologist Witney Bowe, MD whose videos have gone viral on TikTok. Where it’s interesting to see what works for one person may not work on you. Skincare is very individual, so it is important to seek professional advice from a dermatologist to determine what skin treatments work best for you

Slugging also hit its peak where it would incorporate ‘locking in’ your skincare by sealing off your skin with a thick layer of vaseline. There are potential downsides to slugging such as exacerbating acne-prone skin. Due to its downsides, we recommend leaving this TikTok trend in the past and leaving your skin to the professionals


Makeup trends have blasted through TikTok showing how staple products that have been around for years suddenly sell out worldwide. Influencers and content creators promoting products through the platform need one video to go viral for a product to sell out. The power of TikTok truly has no bounds. 

It’s no word of a lie stating Hailey Beiber has a chokehold on the beauty community. From her donut glazed nails to her minimalistic makeup looks, any makeup trend Hailey Beiber promotes the TikTok world suddenly follows. Mrs. Beiber’s minimalist approach to beauty is definitely a trend worth keeping in your routine as its flawless nature will transcend for years to come. 

The backward lash application trend is a recent viral video that showcases the solution to problematic false lash applications. The trend is based on gluing your false lash and applying it on your lower lash line, blinking to turn the lash to sit on under your upper lash line. Although it’s an unusual way to apply a false strip lash, if it makes your life easier, definitely keep it in your routine!

Makeup artists are most certainly not gatekeeping. By sharing their beauty hacks with the world these makeup trends have caught a wave and Mary Philips is one of the many to have the beauty world in a chokehold. Philips, a celebrity MUA, recently went viral on TikTok with her ‘reverse makeup’ complexion technique. It involves applying bronzer and concealer as a base prior to the foundation using a powder brush to blend through her base for a flawless polished yet sculpted finish.

TikTok most certainly has the ability to influence the masses. With its ability to spread content globally in a matter of seconds, viral videos can change the beauty industry in a flash. This is not limited to the beauty industry but most certainly with whatever your interests are you can find a tutorial or a viral trend that can assist you.