Incoming! UFO Sighting in Your Phone’s App Store

April 11, 2018 • FOREO Newswire / Products

Are you ready for a close encounter with fabulous skin?

Since FOREO started shipping UFO devices across the globe, beauty fans have been raving about the results and asking about the availability of the app. Fear not glow-addicts! UFO app just launched on Google Play Store while the iTunes App Store version is sitting pretty waiting for the go-ahead which should be confirmed by April 18th 2018, latest.

But even without the app, UFO facial treatments works without a glitch in the Quick-Start Mode that allows you to start using your device straight away, especially if the app is not yet available in your language

Here’s How  UFO Works:

Quick-Start Mode

  1. Clip your UFO mask into place.
  2. One short press automatically activates the Make My Day Treatment.
  3. A second press activates the Call It a Night Treatment depending on the mask you choose.
  4. Gently glide UFO across clean, dry skin and massage the formula in using circular motions until the device turns off, indicating the end of your treatment.
  5. Use your fingers to gently pat any remaining essence into your skin, until it is fully absorbed. Follow with your favorite moisturizer.
  6. Dispose of the mask and rinse UFO under running water. Enjoy the glow!

App-paired Mode

For the future app users, here’s a simple guide for using your UFO with the mobile app

  1. Download the FOREO app
  2. Press and hold the ON/OFF button for 3 seconds to pair UFO with our FOREO app. Full white light appears when UFO is paired.
  3. Follow instructions to clip mask in place and scan the mask barcode. The corresponding treatment will automatically sync to your UFO device.
  4. Gently glide UFO across clean, dry skin and massage the formula in using circular motions until the device turns off, indicating the end of your treatment.
  5. Use your fingers to gently pat any remaining essence into your skin, until it is fully absorbed. Follow with your favorite moisturizer.
  6. Dispose of the mask and rinse UFO under running water. Enjoy the glow!



129 responses to “Incoming! UFO Sighting in Your Phone’s App Store”

  1. D Viniar says:

    How do I download the APP in English?
    It only downloads in Korean.

    • lane says:

      Hi there! The English version of the app has been submitted to the App store – we’re just waiting for its approval to go through! Unfortunately, it’s out of our hands but we expect it to be live any day now.

  2. Angelina Fong says:

    I unable to register to start my ufo mask, pls provide correct APP to download, my location is Singapore.

    • lane says:

      Hi Angela, The UFO app has been submitted and will show up in your app store once it has been approved – unfortunately, it’s out of our hands right now, but we hope it will be live for everyone this week!

  3. Jasmine says:

    So, may I ask which app should I use to register as a Hong Kong customer?

    • katiesteadman says:

      Hi Jasmine 🙂 Right now, the China FOREO app only supports mainland China mobile numbers… Our app wizards are working to change this for our users in Hong Kong, but in the meantime you can try downloading the global English version!

  4. Krystal says:

    i downloaded the ufo app from hong kong app store
    the ui is simplfied chinese.
    i tried to register an account but there is one choice of the country code (+86) only that i cannot enter my mobile no
    it is because the country code of hong kong is+852
    please update the app or publish another app for hong kong user

    • katiesteadman says:

      Hi Krystal Right now, the China FOREO app only supports mainland China mobile numbers… We are working to publish a Hong Kong version, but in the meantime you can try downloading the global English version!

  5. Vanessa says:

    I just i the app but I’m having trouble linking it to my device. The Bluetooth function seems to be not working.

    • katiesteadman says:

      Hi Vanessa! Sorry to hear you’re having trouble. You’ll need to make sure Bluetooth on your phone is turned on, then open the FOREO app and select ‘My UFO’. Turn on your UFO – a blinking white light means UFO is in pairing mode – and it should automatically connect! You’ll know UFO has been successfully paired when the ring of white LED lights is no longer blinking.

  6. Mable says:

    How can I use the LED lights function using the app?

    • katiesteadman says:

      Hi Mable,

      We’ve created UFO smart mask treatments with the optimal temperature, pulsation intensity, and LED wavelength for each UFO Activated Mask formula. So, all you have to do is select your preferred treatment in the app, and it will automatically sync to your UFO device!

  7. Claire says:

    I got my UFO and plugged it in and it immediately started vibrating. It vibrated for 2 hours and then died. No amount of pressing the button would turn it off or holding the button. When it died I tried to press the button again and nothing happened so I re plugged it in and immediately it started vibrating again. I haven’t been able to use it because of this glitch and I can’t get through to customer service because the Australian number is not a real number. This is very stressful. Something is obviously wrong with my UFO. Can you please provide some assistance and help?

  8. Noris says:

    Is it only red-light mode available?

    • katiesteadman says:

      Hi Noris, the Call It a Night treatment incorporates red LED light throughout the 90-second routine!

  9. KC says:

    How do i customize the treatment settings to skip the warm cycle for example?

    • katiesteadman says:

      Hi Karena, each UFO smart mask treatment has been carefully designed for optimal results! Simply scan your preferred mask in the app, and enjoy 🙂

  10. Tina says:

    I can not download the application. No one support me. I am so sad.

  11. Evelyne says:

    I can’t pair my UFO with my phone. The UFO alternates between flashing and constant light while my phone tells me “please wait” for over 15 minutes. What am I doing wrong?

    • katiesteadman says:

      Hey Evelyne 🙂 A solid white light means your UFO has successfully paired! The flashing light indicates UFO is in pairing mode. If in doubt, try turning off your UFO, and closing the FOREO app. Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your phone, then restart the app and turn UFO on. Hope this helps!

  12. Ina says:

    How do I change which light color I want to use, it always defaults to the red light (warm) setting. I would like to know how to use the cryotherapy feature please.

  13. denise Scott says:

    I get as far as create account and always check your internet connection
    the connection works for everything else

  14. Jennifer says:

    Im in Canada and I downloaded the foreo app but it doesn’t have an ufo option. I can’t pair my ufo to my phone.

    • molliesnyder says:

      Hi Jennifer!

      In order to sync the app with UFO make sure your device is on and in pairing mode and that you have Bluetooth activated on your phone. If you’re still having trouble, feel free to get in touch with our customer service at

  15. Dalton says:

    My foreo starts a treatment for about three seconds then stops and the light light starts flashing

    • molliesnyder says:

      Hi Dalton!

      When the light is flashing on the device, this means UFO is in pairing mode. To set up your UFO, turn on the Bluetooth function on your phone and then open the FOREO app and follow the instructions to sync your phone with your device. If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to our customer support line at

  16. Priscila says:

    Hello, I downloaded the app and for the past two days it’s been showing this error (see below), even though I have Internet connection. I even rebooted the router and the phone several times just in case but it is not an Internet problem for sure.

    “Oops something went wrong. Check your Internet connection and try again.”

    What should I do?

  17. Linda says:

    The barcodes on my masks continue to be “invalid”. Every one I’ve tried to use is invalid. How can this be? There needs to be a way to enter them in by hand or override the system. The UFO is useless if the barcode doesn’t scan because it doesn’t start. Is there a way to use it manually???

    • katiesteadman says:

      Hi Linda! Have you scanned the box barcode or the sachet barcode? Either should work, but give them both a go. You can start the Make My Day treatment manually by pressing the universal button twice (once to turn on, and once to activate), which will illuminate 1 pink LED. You can start Call It a Night by pressing the button three times, which will illuminate 2 pink LEDs. Hope this helps!

  18. Doris says:

    I just received the ufo mask do I need to charge it first or does it arrive pre charged?
    I really do not need the blue light function is this something I can control if so how?
    Lastly, If I am using the app do I need to scan the mask box every time so it know what mask I am using?

    • molliesnyder says:

      Hi Doris,

      When you first receive the device, it should be ready for use, however to be safe we advise plugging it in to charge for 2.5 hours for a full-charge.

      The blue LED light function was designed to be paired with our future mask collections – so stay tuned for more information on which masks treatments use blue LED light. For now, the Make My Day and Call It a Night masks do not feature blue LED light.

      When using the app, you only need to scan the barcode on the mask the first time you use a new mask. The mask box will automatically sync with your FOREO app to unlock your UFO corresponding treatment routine!

  19. Grace says:

    Hi, the Kickstarter campaign comments from Foreo said the UFO would be designed so that it could be used standalone as light treatment or heat/cold treatment. For example, I bought it to use the blue LED for acne now, not to have to wait till some mask what may not be suited to my skin that happens to use blue LED finally makes its way to the shelves! But now the commentry above says all settings are mask specific. Are you saying the Kickstarter campaign commentry straight from the developer isn’t correct? That means the campaign was very misleading! Can you please clarify what the plans for the UFO are?

    • katiesteadman says:

      Hi Grace! So sorry for this confusion. Yes, when the Kickstarter campaign was launched UFO was still in the early stages of development, so a few things have changed along the way. We wanted to offer the most effective at-home facial treatments possible, so we created the optimal combination of UFO technologies for your specific skincare concerns in combination with premium Korean mask formulas. A little birdie told us that there is a mask & UFO treatment routine that you might enjoy coming very, very soon so hang in there! 😉

  20. Alina N. says:

    Hi, I downloaded the app onto my google pixel but it doesn’t give me the option to track my usage or set up any reminders. On my screen, I only see two icons , the day mask and the night mask, but all the other sections are blank. Thank you so much! Love these masks!

    • katiesteadman says:

      Hey Alina 🙂 Currently, there are only 2 UFO Activated Masks available – Make My Day & Call It a Night. The other blank sections you see are for the new masks – launching very soon!

  21. Jennifer says:

    I tried connect my Foreo product to the app. I turned on the Bluetooth and pressed the button until it blinked and it just blinks and then stops, but never connects to the app.

    • FOREO says:

      Hi Jennifer! To successfully connect the device with the app, please kindly turn on the Bluetooth, then turn on the app and stay at the home screen of the app, where you can see the “connect” option on the bottom of the screen. Then press and hold the on button of the device for 3 seconds. The device’s led light on the back of the device should then start blinking and the device should get automatically connected to the app.

      If this does not help, please try reinstalling your app as the application is still in the beta mode and it’s going thru updates constantly. Also, make sure you are using the newest version of the software on your mobile.

  22. Jessica says:

    Yesterday I realized the app has been updated (not sure when). There is a control option where I can chose to use hot/cold/off and the different lights of combination of them. But the app seems to unstable or what, after my iPhone screen went into lock/dark screen, it stops functioning and I have problem connecting. My foreo keep blinking so maybe it’s the battery… do share more about this control and what we can use it for etc

    • FOREO says:

      Hi Jessica! We are sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues with your device and would like to help you resolve the issue as soon as possible. Please contact us at and we will get back to you with the possible solutions immediately 🙂

  23. Fabienne says:

    Hi, I have no problem to pair my smart phone and my UFO, but the scan function doesn’t work. I mean a have an app with QR reading that works very well on my smart phone(so the problem doesn’t come from the IPhone) but the scan into the UFO application doesn’t work. Can you please advise how to sole this issue ?

    • FOREO says:

      Hi Fabienne! We are sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues with your device and would like to help you resolve the issue as soon as possible. Please contact us at and we will get back to you with the possible solutions immediately 🙂

  24. Kristin says:

    Just received my Luna fofo from fabfitfun. Excited to use and downloaded the app. It’s still in Chinese. I read earlier comments/responses from April stating that you expected an English version any day. It’s the middle of June. Am I missing how to change it to English or is this app still not useful for me?

  25. Katarzyna says:

    Hi, I cannot register my UFO – I see on the app “Register” space, but when I click on it, nothing happens. How can I register my device then?

  26. JP says:

    I can not connect my Ufo device to the app. After going through the process off connecting the full white light appears on the device, but the app still shows “please wait…”.

    • FOREO says:

      Hi JP, please try restarting your phone, Bluetooth, and the device (by pressing the power button once). Make sure your phone has a stable internet connection Bluetooth and Location services are on. Once you get to the connect page, press and hold the power button for 3 seconds. The device should connect easily!

  27. Deb says:

    Have an iPhone 8, downloaded the app. Recently purchased a foreo ufo device. press and hold the button…no flashing, nothing. Any suggestions?

    • FOREO says:

      Hi, Deb! We would like to suggest you restarting your phone, Bluetooth, and the device (by pressing the power button once). Make sure your phone has a stable internet connection Bluetooth and Location services are on. Once you get to the connect page, press and hold the power button for 3 seconds. The device should connect easily :-)!

  28. Mirella says:

    My UFO is blinking, but remains unpaired with the app and I cannot use it.
    I’ve closed it down, switched on and off bluetooth..
    How should I proceed?

  29. Elle says:

    I bought the UFO from Sephora app delivered to Philippines. I just finished downloading the Foreo App but I can’t add the Glow Addict mask I bought with it.

  30. Pippa says:

    How do I register my new ufo for its warrenty via the app? Thanks

  31. Dee says:

    Hi there,
    Suddenly my app cannot connect to my Foreo UFO. I tried to reinstall the app but still the same. On the app keep saying “press and hold the button for 5 seconds”.
    Please advise.

  32. Cara Reynolds says:

    I was curious as to whether or not you’re able to add multiple masks onto the app at one time as I see that on the foreo ufo page on the site there is a photo that displays the app and it says, “Mask left 2”. Is this possible?? Thank you!

  33. Patrice says:

    I do not have a smartphone. If i use the manual start does this limit the variety of lights and pulsations that the device will provide? would the cryo setting work if i start manually? thanks.

  34. Giselle says:

    Hi, how do I register the warranty for UFO? There was no magnetic card in the package which I received. The deivice is purchased in Singapore.

    • FOREO says:

      Hello, Giselle, please contact our Customer Care team and they will provide you all the necessary information about the registration.

  35. Monika says:

    I bought different masks and can’t download the settings for them on the app. Please give detailed instruction how to do it. Thank you.

    • FOREO says:

      Hi Monika! Please contact our Customer Care Team who will be more than happy to assist you as soon as possible 🙂

  36. Karolina says:

    How can I add the other masks to my app?

    • FOREO says:

      Make My Day and Call It a Night are already pre-programmed in your device. Any other mask treatment must be activated through the app for the first time. Then, the routine can be accessed through the app or by using the universal button. Connect your UFO with the app. In the app, scan the mask barcode and follow the instructions.

  37. Mikken says:


    Our Foreo Ufo stops charging once it gets very low level (the lights blink around the ring few times and then it stops by glowing only the first segment). Is the battery dead?

    Thanks for info.

  38. But a smiling visitant here to share tthe love (:,
    btw outstanding design and style.

  39. Joanna says:

    I can’t connect my UFO to the phone app. It’s saying “unprocessable entity” all the time. I emailed the customer service, but I don’t when will they reply. 🙁 I bought one and returned and bought this new one thinking it would work but the same thing happens. 🙁

    • FOREO says:

      Hi, Joanna! I’m so sorry to hear about this issue! Would you mind sending us an email to Please send us a screenshot from the app, and let us know which phone and app version you are using. Thank you!

  40. Ployphat says:

    I have a problem with ufo mini
    I can’t connect with app. I turned it on and it didn’t automatically get into app. It keep loading at ‘press and hold power button for 5 sec’ and go nowhere. I closed app and turn off Bluetooth, tried it again and still not working. And I tried it again this time it changed from with light to purple(maybe pink) then it changed to red and started vibrate then changed to green light and vibrate. And end up with no light and soft vibrate and stop.

  41. Shiya says:

    App kept requesting me to connect my device which was already connect because the decide is showing white light. The app do not proceed to the main page. What should I do? My location is in Singapore

  42. Zi says:

    Hi there?

    I can not connect my ufo to this app anymore, it used to work before. Now error says – Missing token. What does it mean and what can I do about it?

  43. Barbara says:

    After 3 weeks of usage heating and cooling functions stopped working. Is there a way to restart it somehow or I need to return it for fixing?

  44. Hi, I have the UFO mini. Does it have a cryo mode as well? I think I’ve read it doesn’t have the same features than the regular size UFO?

    Kind regards,

  45. Danika says:

    I’ve been trying to connect my UFO to the app and it says « Missing token. Your need send token to access this endpoint ». I’ve tried downloading the latest version of the app and it is still not working.

  46. Ji says:

    I tried to pair my UFO device with my new iPhone but it did not work. The error message says: Missing token. You need to send token to access at this endpoint. But it successfully paired on my old phone. Please advice what I should do.

    • FOREO says:

      Please note that this message appears when your app is not updated. Can I kindly ask you if you tried deleting and reinstalling the application? Please make sure to restart your phone. Once the phone has been restarted, please then attempt to enter and use the application.

  47. Michelle says:

    I just purchased my FOREO UFO. I also purchased several different masks. However, I can only get it to read my Make My Day and Call it a Night masks. I don’t understand. Please help.

  48. Alesya says:

    Hi, I was uSing UFO for a long time, but iI can not connect with my phone and it is says – “Missing need to send token to access endpoint “ . The application was updated i’m not sure when . I bought a lot mask sheets and I can not use it. what can I do about it?

    • carly says:

      Hi Alesya, Thank you for your post! I would recommend that you update delete the app and then upload it again. Make sure the wifi and Bluetooth is connected on your phone whilst also make sure your device is fully charged. This should help but if there are any issues then please get in contact with our lovely customer care 🙂

  49. Vy says:

    I’m from vietnam. I just purchased a foreo ufo from and my ufo was sent from suzhou sventech china. I tried many times but I can not pair my ufo with app, the light on my ufo was not blink means it paired but nothing change on my app, it still show “press and hold the power button…” I’ve tried many phone but It still has the same problem. Please help

    • carly says:

      Dear Vy, Thank you for you for your post. Firstly I would recommend that you fully charge your device, WIFI and Bluetooh enabled your phone along with deleting and then reloading the App to start again. We would recommend that you contact our ROW Customer Care Team who can assist you further with this and get you back on track to using your UFO. Hope this helps 🙂

  50. Benz says:

    I just bought ufo2 last month and the function heating and cooling are not working. Please advise

    • carly says:

      Dear Benz, Thank you for your post! I would recommend that you get in contact with our Customer Care Team on who can assist you further. I hope this helps and you get back to enjoying your UFO 2 🙂

  51. Vivian says:

    the ufo i bought in HK can only be registered through the chinese app, but the not english app?? Isnt it universal? I have been trying to get it work on the english app, but apparently it only connects to the chinese app

    • carly says:

      Dear Vivian, I would recommend you contact our Customer Care Team who can look into this further for you. Otherwise, please un-install and re-stall the App to allow any updates to take place.

  52. C LD says:

    Hi, I have given my Foreo UFO to my friend, but she can’t use the app since the device is still connected or registered to my email address.. how do I unlink it please so can use the app on her phone aswell..and link her email add instead, thank you

    • carly says:

      We recommend that you contact customer care who will be able to locate your account and device to then go ahead and remove it from your account.

  53. Ngan says:

    After 1 weeks of usage heating and cooling functions stopped working

    • carly says:

      Dear Ngan, I can see that you have contacted our customer care with this issue so I can assure you are in good hands.

  54. Thi Dao says:

    I just bought The UFO 2 and attempted several times to connect it to my Foreo app but they were failed. I have been using the app with my Foreo 3 for 1 year and there is no problem. Please guide me how to solve this issue. Thank you!

    • carly says:

      Dear Thi, Thank you for your you post. Please contact Customer Care on and they will be able to assist you further.

  55. Deborah Robinson says:

    Hi, just purchased the FOREO UFO 2 after reading all the rave reviews. Downloaded and App but cannot connect my device, very frustrating! A message keeps appearing

    “Missing token
    Your need send token to access
    this endpoint”

    On the verge of sending it back!

    • carly says:

      Dear Deborah, Thank you for your post and sorry to hear of the issues at hand. I can see that you have contacted our customer care team and they have assisted you with your case so you should be back on track with your UFO 2. Hope that helps and enjoy your UFO 2!

  56. Joanna says:

    I have bought the Ufo 2. I activated it, but in the app, I see that only two masks are active-make my day and call the night. How can I use the different. How can i add them? Does it work only with these two?

    • carly says:

      Hi Joanna, Thank you for your message and I can see that you have contacted our lovely Customer Care Team regarding this so you are now all sorted to enjoy your UFO!

  57. Pinar says:

    Hi, I just want to use warm mode to feel more relaxed. I know foreo ufo works better with ita own masks but aometimes I just want to use it with my basic serums as a massage. I thought I can change the warm-cold setting from settings but it seems it doesnt work. Vibration can be changed but temperature dis not work? Is this normal?

    • carly says:

      Thank you for your comment! Our UFO treatments are specifically designed to bring out the very best skincare benefits of each of our masks. However, you can customise your treatments via the settings in the FOREO For You App. We advise you to always be careful when experimenting, especially with something as delicate and individual as your skin. Be especially careful while using Thermo-therapy. Using it directly on the skin might cause unwanted stress to your skin. Additionally, some skincare products might contain heat-reactive ingredients so make sure you double-check the ingredient list in your products before indulging in Thermo-therapy. And always remember to treat your skin with love and attention, not aggression. We hope this helps!

  58. Adja Camará says:

    I’m from Portugal,
    I received UFO at Christmas and I can’t use it, I connect but when I try to do the treatment it gives me an error.
    Can you help?

    • carly says:

      Dear Adja, We would recommend contacting our Customer Care Team on chat or via FOREO.COM who would be happy to assist you further 🙂

  59. vasco says:

    I’ve bought one UFO 2 and it cannot sync with the app. I can connect it but then nothing happens. It doesn’t ask me for a bar code and I’m not able to enter “treatments” and “configurations”. It just shuts down the app. I’m using an Iphone 11 Pro Max.

    • carly says:

      Hi Vasco, Thank you for your post and sorry to hear that you are having some issues with the App connection to your device. In this case please contact Customer Care on FOREO.COM and one of our agents will assist you further to get the best use of your UFO 2! Hope that helps 🙂

  60. Kika says:

    Since the new app was released no treatments work with my UFO. I need to chose the light color, cold or hot and massage intensity. I paid a lot of money for the masks, however the app does not connect with the UFO for the preset treatments. Can you provide a solution ASAP? It has been a week and the UFO was functioning well in the old app.

    • carly says:

      Dear Kika, Sorry to hear that you are having some issues with your UFO! In this case, we would recommend that you contact Customer Care on FOREO.COM who can assist you further to get the best use out of your device. Hope this helps 🙂

  61. Amanda Empleo says:

    Just got my FOREO UFO 2. What does it mean when it tells me I’m “using traffic” and if I’m sure I want to continue with the mask session.

    • carly says:

      Dear Amanda, In this case, we would recommend that you uninstall the App and then re-install so the App is fully updated. If the issue persists then please contact our Customer Care Team on who can assist you in more detail so you can use your UFO 2 fully. Hope this helps 🙂

  62. Carolyn says:

    Hi, i downloaded the app and connected to my UFO2,however, i cannot scan the treatment Barcode, so, i cannot use the preset. Treamtments with instruction. But i can start using it without the app by clicking the button itself. What’s gone wrong? thx

    • carly says:

      Dear Carolyn, The new App layout now means you can download the mask treatment instead of scanning the masks itself. You can access this via Treatments section in the App. If you need further assistance then please feel free to contact our FOREO Customer Care Team on FOREO.COM who would be happy to help 🙂

  63. Anaid McDonald says:

    Hi, I just received my ufo 2 and it works fine. I already used it with 2 masks. The only question is, after it goes through the whole process red light, hot, pulsating, green light etc. It says you’re about to finish your treatment, take a few seconds to relax and it turns on the white light. But then it stays there. For how long does the white light should stay on? I’ve been stopping the treatment because it stays with the white light on for a while.

    • carly says:

      Dear Anaid, Thank you for your post. After treatment, the UFO will remain in sync with the App so in this case, we would recommend turning the device off once you have finished or move on to repeat the treatment if you wish. The device will automatically shut down after a while be in this case its best to turn off to save the battery of the device and your phone with the Bluetooth connection.

  64. Once you have used a mask, to you rinse your face prior to applying moisturizer?

    • carly says:

      Dear Cathy, Good question! This I would say is down the personal preference. We would recommend leaving the serum on the skin to be fully absorbed and continue to benefit the skin but if you find this too heavy for your skin especially if you are using the day mask and ready to apply makeup then you can, of course, rinse the skin slightly ready to continue with your normal skin routine. Hope this helps 🙂

  65. Lila says:

    Any troubleshooting for when getting a ufo 2 from a friend? I can’t pair as it looks like maybe they are still registered with the device?! I get an error message and no info anywhere about unpairing theirs and pairing mine.. I’ve tried deleting the app etc.

    • carly says:

      Dear Lila, do not worry. The old user (your friend) should be able to remove the registration in their FOREO app. You can also always contact our lovely Customer Service and our agents will be more than happy to help you. Enjoy the amazing pampering sessions with your new UFO™ 2 and take care 🙂

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