A product match made in heaven.

Over the course of the past year, I’ve gotten really into skincare. (Writing about skincare everyday of the week will do that to you.) So naturally, with my wedding coming up, I felt it necessary to take my skincare routine to the next level.

See below for a breakdown of my skin prep leading up to the big day! Spoiler: It wasn’t cheap.


5 months before the big day….

I’ve got a concrete skincare routine down. Cleanse in the evenings with my LUNA 2 before bed, followed by my glow tonic toner, an eye cream, and heavy-ish face moisturizer. Some days I even threw in a face mask right before I hit the sheets. In the morning, I kept it simple by moisturizing with an SPF-infused lotion and a hint of eye serum before applying my makeup.


2 months before the big day….

In order to get my dry skin in good shape, I decide to get a hydrating facial treatment at a spa near my house. My skin feels smoother and more healthy after, so I schedule another one in for a few weeks before the wedding too!


1 month before the big day…

I’ve heard that you shouldn’t change up your skincare products too much before you get married, but I throw all of those rules out the window because getting married is a great excuse to treat myself at Sephora. I purchase a retinol-infused night serum, a Vitamin C-infused day serum, an ultra-hydrating moisturizer, a coconut hair mask and a new eye cream and start incorporating these into my skincare routine.


1 night before the big day…

Choosing which face mask to do the night before my wedding was no small feat. However, in the end I knew I could rely on UFO and the Glow Addict Mask to prep my skin for my wedding day. I woke up glowing and ready to start a new chapter of my life!