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Win Free Invitations for LUNA 4 Collection Launch at the Metaverse Event!

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After FOREO launched the fourth generation of its flagship product LUNA. Or, to be more precise – FOREO introduced LUNA 4 collection in form of NFTs and the actual launch is happening on the 22 of September in our virtual space in Metaverse. Save the date because we are giving 5 free invitations for one of the biggest Metaverse events

LUNA 4 collection in Metaverse

FOREO is the first skincare brand to ever launch a new product in virtual reality. You can join us in this new, improved, and anything but the conventional launch of the LUNA 4 collection. Metaverse event will be held on the 22 of September in two time zones:

  • 10 AM CET (4 AM EST) - 2 PM CET (8 AM EST)
  • 4 PM CET (10 AM EST) - 8 PM CET (2PM EST)

There will be three rooms for guests. So, guests/avatars will be able to watch the NFT project presentation, as well as the new LUNA 4 collection presentation. Also, every one of them will be able to enter a showroom with interactive screens where everyone can check everything about the presented products. There will also be an option to download product materials with specifications and benefits. And last but not least, there will be a party room. Because, a big launch like this deserves a big party, right? So, in the third room guests will be able to enjoy FOREO Spotify playlists while networking with other guests. https://www.foreo.com/mysa/foreo-launches-luna-4-collection-and-joins-the-nft-revolution/

What to expect from LUNA 4 collection?

The fourth generation of LUNA is the most gentle silicone cleansing brush ever made. It’s your best way to get healthy skin. LUNA 4 range includes: LUNA 4, LUNA 4 MEN, LUNA 4 plus, LUNA 4 mini, LUNA 4 go, and LUNA 4 body. Each LUNA in our range comes with its own purpose, plumped up and ready to turn your skin into its best version yet. [caption id="attachment_12892" align="aligncenter" width="830"]LUNA 4 collection LUNA 4 collection is the most gentle and powerful LUNAs ever made![/caption]

How to be a part of the Metaverse event?

Our guests will be FOREO employees, partners, influencers, journalists, media representatives, retailer representatives, and Mysa’s readers. Five of you will get an invitation to the event. All you have to do is to send us an email to mysa@foreo.com with the subject line “LUNA 4 Launch in Metaverse”. The first five who send an email will get the invitation. And pssssst… There will be some goodie bags in the form of a discount code for shopping at foreo.com.



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Fiona 14/09/2022

<p><span>Great! I would love to be there</span></p>

MYSA user avatar
Christian Schmidt 16/09/2022

I hope I get an invitation!


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