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Welcome to FOREO Family: Meet Tamanna Islam

Tamanna Islam
Ever read Tamanna Islam's GreenStoryBlog? You should! Meet Tamanna Islam - FOREO Family member and founder/editor of GreenStoryBlog.com. Tamanna has been a long time fan of FOREO,  so we reached out to share her experience with FOREO, makeup and running her own blog.

Meet Tamanna

Hi Tamanna! First and foremost, we want to know: how did you get started in makeup? Long before I started blogging I was working as an artist in the visual media industry. As part of my daily grooming session that time I practically got myself introduce to makeup. My work field not only made me attracted to makeup but also inspired me to learn and take it further as passion. And where do you get your makeup look ideas from? My ideas to create a makeup look varies majorly on my mood and often it’s an expression according to the color psychology. On the other hand, I rely on my imagination and also there is the interpretation of social/cultural events, climate & nature, and of course, the ongoing makeup trends. Can you tell us who is your biggest inspiration in the beauty industry and why? The living beauty Bobbi Brown. Her philosophy 'makeup should enhance the way a woman looks and not be unnatural' is what I try to follow almost religiously. Not only that but I literally focused on my skincare after reading her words that without a good canvas no painting will be pleasing. Besides that, I also idolize Bobbi Brown for her amazing lifestyle and her journey building Bobbi Brown Cosmetics empire. Do you remember your very first beauty product you bought yourself? This is kinda difficult to tell precisely but I do remember that moment of joy. I bought one purple color satin finish lipstick and blue pen-style eyeliner. Tamanna Islam

The Story Begins

What has inspired you to create your GreenStory blog? Makeup and everything related to beauty have always been the second love of my life. That love-affair intrigued me to start my blog “GreenStory”. It wasn't only the love for makeup but also I always meant to share my personal experience, whether it’s good or bad, so others can find something helpful out of that. If we were to go through your cosmetics bag, what products would be a “must have” in your beauty toolkit? 5 must-haves I want to name... 1) FOREO LUNA 2, my face cleansing staple, 2) my moisturizer (comes handy in every possible way), 3) Tweezerman Pointed Tweezer, 4) a pack of wet wipes and 5) a nail filer. As a bonus must-have tool, while traveling, I never miss carrying my small lightened mirror with me. What is your favorite FOREO product and why? Without a second thought, it is FOREO UFO. The heat therapy is something I feel addicted to. Even after most hectic day 5 min (yes, I do customize the duration cause I love the feeling that much) FOREO UFO session recharges me like nothing else! Since using UFO, my sheet-masking preference went completely UFO-centered and I love it! Tell us about your daily skincare routine? My daily skincare routine is simply basics; cleansing, toning and moisturizing. I just top up a little. A targeted serum before the moisturizer and sunscreen for day-time. Also, I add an extra step with beauty-oil-massage in my night-time skincare. The day I wear makeup I do follow up with facial masks (whatever I feel like to apply) after cleansing. If you weren’t doing makeup, what would you be doing and why? A really interesting question for me to answer! I am not a makeup artist but I've been spellbound when it comes to doing my own makeup. Which is why It’s quite impossible for me to think of myself without makeup. I believe makeup does the job of a magic wand to express and present the best version of ourselves. No matter me - the beauty blogger or me - another industry professional, I don't see myself quitting on makeup, ever! What tips do you have to share to potential beauty bloggers? Intense and energetic love for everything beauty along with the curiosity to gain knowledge and a parallel passion for sharing the perspective is the core to become a beauty blogger. It’s not a walk in the park but just as tough as any other work if taken as a job. Blogging takes a lot of dedication, time, patience and hard work. Staying focused on the niche and planning is always the key. When you’re just starting or growing into blogging never neglect the primary career which supports you financially just by seeing other successful faces. Besides, just be yourself, feel yourself and do whatever you find peaceful because inner-peace is priceless!  



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Hi Abdullah! Thanks for your interest in promoting our company! Please contact our lovely Customer Service agents and they will assist you further. Best regards :)


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