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Rituals: In Conversation with Gritty Pretty Founder, Eleanor Pendleton

Welcome to Rituals – a celebration of individuals who inspire us and the routines they incorporate into their lives. In this edition, we have the absolute pleasure of chatting to Australian beauty royalty, Eleanor Pendleton. As the Founder and Editor-In-Chief of Australia's leading beauty website and digital magazine, Gritty Pretty, we can't wait to dive into Eleanor's  rituals and juicy skincare secrets.

To kick us off, we’d love for you to share the rituals that you use to enrich your life.

"When I became mother to my son Banjo [18 months old], the emphasis I placed on self-care and forms of self-care rituals really deepened. I absolutely have less time to be able to dedicate to myself these days but the time I do make for myself is really intentional. It could be something as simple as my morning ritual of making a hot coffee at home, getting outside and going for a walk with my son in his pram and breathing in ocean air – just that in itself can be enough for me to start the day feeling invigorated. I also love putting on a face mask and really treating my skin. I believe a large part of self-care is also connected to our mental health. I really try to put ‘the work’ into my mental health, just like I do with my diet and exercise. I try to do things that make me feel good emotionally. I try to make the time to really connect with my family and friends (without having my phone in my hand). I speak to my therapist regularly and I consciously practice reflection. I believe being comfortably able to sit alone in one’s thoughts is really important for self-care."

As a new mum to the adorable Banjo, how has your skin care routine and general life rituals changed since he arrived?

"I really love products that work hard for me or have two-in-one or even three-in-one benefits. I love the idea of a really luxurious and rich sleeping mask that I can put on before I jump into bed and wake up looking refreshed (even if I don’t feel it). I know most mothers will agree with me that you never appreciate a long, hot shower the way you do once you’ve had a child. Those moments to myself in the shower are precious. When I do ‘The Shower’ (that once a week, 20-minute, shave your legs shower), I also love to do a luxurious body scrub and hair mask before finishing with a shower body oil. It makes me feel like myself again."

We are dying to know, what does your daily skin care routine look like and how does FOREO fit into this?

"I use my FOREO LUNA 3 one to two times each week with my cleanser in the shower. Then, I follow with my general AM routine, which is: micellar water, essence, Vitamin C serum, hyaluronic acid serum, eye cream, face cream and SPF 50. For the evenings, my routine consists of a cleansing oil, cream cleanser, essence, serum, eye cream and a face oil."  

What is your favourite FOREO device?

"FOREO LUNA 3." ... You can't beat our OG, cult favourite! [caption id="attachment_9669" align="alignnone" width="300"] FOREO LUNA 3 range, tailored to every skin type.[/caption]  

As a brand, we believe in skin confidence, not skin perfection. Are there any particular routines, rituals or products that you can attribute to you feeling more confident in the skin you're in?

"I have always really valued my skin health. It’s something that my mother taught me from a very young age. I grew up watching her look after her skin and prioritising her skin health. Being a Filipino woman, she was prone to pigmentation, so I always knew she really cared about skin protection and ensuring she wouldn’t get hyperpigmentation or sun damage. As a result, from about 17 or 18 years old, I really cared about the products I put on my face. I credit both quality products and genetics for the reason why I have good skin today. But beyond that, when you look after your skin and you see results, it just makes you feel so confident, doesn’t it? As someone who struggled with teen acne, I know what it’s like to not feel confident in your own skin. To now not only be comfortable but also confident to leave the house wearing no makeup at all is a great feeling."

Feeling inspired?

Find out more about Eleanor on Instagram and her leading Australian beauty website and magazine, Gritty Pretty. If your interested in Eleanor's favourite FOREO device, check out the LUNA 3, here. 



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Elsa Polo Riva 30/08/2021

My most concern is how to stay healthy & my skin must look healthy & younger too.
I have always searching for a products that really work to keep me young & my skin feeling refesh. Foreo have been the 1st step of my everyday routine at night for 2 years now. I got my Luna 2( normal skin) from my husband as a christmas gift but i think the sensitive one would work better for my skin since my skin is quite thin & sensitive. Follow up with a mask for 20mins once my face is clean. I do massage a little my face after taking off the mask then let the mask cream dry. Then i apply collogen oil, vitamin C, moisturiser, eye cream, neck cream then lastly suncream. During the day i would spray my face with a mist if i feel my skin is dry.
There were time i misplaced the Luna' s charger, so i couldn't use it for a week. I used just my hand & after few days i can see the different. I don't feel my skin is clean & my pores look bigger than if i use the Luna. So Luna deffinatly is a important part for my daily skin care routine. Luna help to really clean my skin, reduce my pores. I can feel when i apply cream on my face will just sink into my clean skin. Feeling amazing.
My dream is to own a Luna 3 PLUS ( it has a small massage balls device) and the UFO 2, it would be a dream- all in one. Cleaning & massaging at the same time. I wonder the effectiveness would it be. There are so many wonderful products that Foreo offer. I heard the Facial Bear is also a must have too. Oh i wish i have money to own all of them. I forgot to mention, i use forgot to mentione, the silicone cleaning spray to clean to Luna. Also i always charge it when it completlly out of battery so i can prolong the time, usually battery will last up to 1 and half month.
Another amazing thing about Foreo is the customer service is wonderfull & very helpful. Super convenience, i can ask them on the app, any questions & get a quick anwser back. Anytime, anywhere. Thank you Foreo

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carly 31/08/2021

In reply to by Elsa Polo Riva


Dear Elsa,
what a nice review, wow! You made our whole day better! We are so happy to hear that you are enjoying your Foreo products and see some positive results. Keep up with our news and discounts that will occur very soon! Remember to use your Luna regularly to see the best results. Once again, thank you for your lovely words! Have a great day <3

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carly 31/08/2021

In reply to by Nemr Rahal


Hi there, thank you for your nice words! <3


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